Feb. 5, 2018

There's all kinds of interesting stuff this week. Videos, blogs, a product review and a new webinar for Wednesday.

Let's start with storage, because everything starts or ends with our storage. For several years, we've been a media partner with Tom Coughlin promoting his annual storage conferences. Creative Storage is coming up in June which, I grant, is a long time away.  (By the way the keynote speaker will be executive producer Aaron Semmel.) But, the reason I mention it here is that Tom is refocusing his event to involve more media industry people to talk at his event.

In the past, the conference featured developers talking to other developers - which ends up being an echo chamber. Lots of tech, but very little "real world." This year, Tom is looking for working media professionals to talk at his event about how they are using storage, what the current limitations are and what you'd like to see developed in the future.

If you have an opinion - and we ALL have opinions! - drop Tom an email to volunteer to talk at his conference. My role is to spread the word - yours, if you choose to help, is to enable storage developers to better understand media and make the products we need to enable us to continue to work faster and better.  Email Tom Coughlin here.

One of Tom's partners during this event is Andy Marken. Andy runs Marken Communications, which is a Silicon Valley PR agency. Andy, like the rest of us, is not short for opinions and, last week, he published a newsletter that contained some really insightful writing. With his permission, I'm republishing two of his thought-pieces here. As always, I'm interested in your opinions.

In other news, I have a product review of new title templates from idustrial Revolution, as well as two videos from last week's webinar on " Practical Uses of Masks in Adobe Premiere Pro CC." I think you'll like the videos but I especially think you'll like the webinar. Masks are surprisingly easy to create and useful to use. In this webinar, I focus on how to use them in color correction. Download a copy of this webinar here.

Thinking of webinars, for the last couple of weeks, I focused on Adobe Premiere. This week, I return to Final Cut Pro X with a look at text effects, blend modes and animation. We use text to talk directly to the audience. But, that doesn't mean we can't make our text eye-catching. This webinar provides lots of techniques to do exactly that. Registration is always FREE for our live events. Sign up here.

One of the technologies I hear a lot about is " object storage." But, what is it and should media pros care? This last week on The Buzz we devoted the entire show to answering those two questions.  The initial feedback has been very positive and, in fact, I learned a lot in creating the show. Object storage can be REALLY useful in distribution, storage and archiving - but it isn't for everyone. Once you listen to this show, you'll have a much better handle on what it is, where it fits and who needs to pay attention. Oh... and the technology involved will expand your brain. The interviews with Tom Coughlin and Alex Grossman are especially useful.

Do you realize that NAB is eight weeks away? Wow. If you want a FREE pass to the exhibit hall, please use this code: LV5269  ( Here's the link for a FREE ticket.) The Buzz will be in the South Lower Hall, but in a new spot, nearer the front. I'll have more details on what we are doing as the show gets closer.

That's it for this week. I look forward to chatting with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
Media creates tens of thousands files in every size, format and description; and file sizes extend into terabytes. All of which we need to safely store, track, find and manipulate. Current storage technology is overwhelmed; perhaps Object Storage can help? Tonight, we talk with industry leaders about what Object Storage is, how it works and whether it can help us manage our files.  

 * Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Assoc.
 * Alex Grossman, Symply Inc.
 * AJ Herrera, Caringo
 * Erik Weaver, HGST
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
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Practical Uses of Masks in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Masks allow us to select a portion of the frame - either to create an effect or apply a color correction.  
Join Larry as he illustrates a number of practical ways to create and use masks in Premiere. 
* The basics of masks
* The basics of color correction
* Create and modify an effects mask
* Use masks to fix color problems
* How to track a mask 
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
Text Effects in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
We use text to explain something to an audience. However, just because it's text doesn't mean it can't look eye- catching. And creating interesting text effects is what today's webinar is all about. 

* How to harness the emotions in fonts
* How to use built-in text effects
* How to use blend modes
* How to create text effects

Live events are always FREE.
Sign up here
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