NEWS - Feb. 8, 2021
I've spent time thinking about Motion during the last two weeks. My lead story illustrates how to harness the power of Motion to create an animated reflection in Final Cut. (I included a short movie to show what this looks like in real-life.)

Turning to the news:

The DPP, a media think-tank based in London, published its 2021 Predictions for the media industry. This free report is actually pretty fascinating to read because it doesn't just focus on the high-end of the market. (Their number one prediction is that "the purpose of the workplace will be redefined." Which, I must admit, is not much of a stretch.)

Simon Says released version 2 of its self-contained, on-premises video transcription platform. The software is built for organizations and enterprises seeking to increase productivity with speech recognition, while maintaining compliance to the strictest of security protocols in order to protect their sensitive content. No data goes to the cloud. Ever. I've used this software and am very impressed with it.

CODEX and Dynamic Rentals announced a strategic partnership to provide on-demand storage solutions for media creators. With spiraling storage demands affecting many productions, the need for scalable storage to be available on an on-demand basis to productions is growing. The result of this partnership means that Dynamic Rentals is now able to offer CODEX MediaVaults, providing networked attached storage (NAS) via long-term rentals or leasing options to its partner network and production customers.

Quantum, and others, are starting to talk about the upcoming LTO-9 tape spec. This new format holds 18 TB of data per tape (the compressed storage numbers don't apply to media files) with a release date of Q2 this year. The big benefit to tape, in addition to low-cost per TB, is the protection it provides against hacking, because all tapes are off-line except when they are being written. 

Gideon Waxman writes: "Recording drums is widely regarded as one of the trickiest skills to learn for a studio engineer. This is because there is a lot of equipment to set up, specific techniques to grasp, and a lot of tuning involved! The drum set is the most time-consuming instrument to record, so it’s important to take a thought out and structured approach. It requires patience and a clear vision of what you want to achieve from the recording session. He wrote a free uide that details best practices. 

Last week's webinar: Advanced Techniques in Apple Motion took a different approach to showcasing what Motion could do. Rather than show features, I created four stand-alone projects: Animated background, Animated Text on a Cover, Simulations and Chroma-key. This webinar was very well-received and is now available in my store.

As well, I have three excerpts from last week. Probably my favorite is a detailed explanation on how to animate text on a curve. However, creating cast shadows and an illustrating particle emitters and simulations are also very interesting. You'll find all of them in the Tutorials & Reviews section, below.

I am fascinated by the lighting tools available in Motion, but I've never presented them in a webinar. These lights can be used for 2D video, 3D sets, even saved as a template and used in Final Cut. I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned with you this week. And, like all my live webinars, registration is free.

Another new article is based on a question from Jon Gay, asking how to motion track and blur multiple objects using Apple Motion. This is useful when you need to hide multiple elements or want to highlight them. I'll show you both options.

As winter - and the virus - continue seemingly interminably, I am reminded of a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt: “We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.” Better days are still to come - I like that.

Stay healthy - stay hopeful. And, until next Monday, edit well.
» Create Reflections in Motion for Use in Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» A step-by-step illustrated tutorial.

» Motion Track & Blur Multiple Objects in Motion (Tutorial)
» How to use multiple masks to blur and motion track elements in a video.

» Create & Animate Text on a Curve in Motion (Video tutorial)
» How to add curves to your text, then animate them using keyframes.

» Create a Chroma-key with Cast Shadows in Motion (Video tutorial)
» How to create a key, then, how to add a cast shadow.

» Particle Emitters & Simulations in Apple Motion (Video tutorial)
» An explanation of particle emitters, with examples of two simulators.
Lights & Lighting Effects in Apple Motion 5.5
This week, we explore lights & lighting effects in Motion:

* Light types & capabilities
* Prebuilt lighting configurations
* Custom lighting for 2D & 3D
* Positioning & animating lights

Everything you need - all in one place!
Creative Techniques & Tools in Apple Motion

Discover more advanced features in Apple Motion:

* Simulations
* Keying & Masks
* Paths
* Shapes and shape styles

Everything you need - all in one place!
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