NEWS - Jan. 11, 2021
For everyone that purchased my Final Cut 10.4 training, we now have an update that covers all the new features from Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 to Final Cut 10.5.1. More than 23 major features and dozens of minor ones. This new training is now available as a single PowerUp download for only $19.97. All the details are listed on my store page. (It's also available to subscribers in my Video Training Library.)

Streambox introduced Spectra last week. A virtual streaming media encoder, Spectra allows editors to see and hear a fully accurate representation of their project. More importantly, Spectra can simultaneously deliver the same high-quality, low-latency stream to multiple remote collaborators anywhere in the world. A free trial is available.

ACDSee released ACDSee Photo Studio Mac 7, a powerful and full featured digital asset management (DAM) tool. Editors can sort, rate, add color labels and tags, and set categories and keywords. As well as categorization options, ACDSee supports comparing images, finding duplicates, advancing, copy and pasting metadata. A free trial is available.

Last week's webinar - All the New Features in Apple Final Cut Pro - was a big hit with several hundred folks tuned in. As you read at the top of this newsletter, this webinar covered all the new features in Final Cut since the release of 10.4.1. Dozens of new tools and technology. It is available now in my store and in our Video Training Library.

This week's webinar on Wednesday covers effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. This was originally scheduled for December, but I needed to postpone it. If you registered for this in December, you are still on the list. As always, registration to my live events is free.

This week, I have highlights from last week's Final Cut webinar, plus four articles. The first tutorial illustrates how to preserve your projects - in either Final Cut or Premiere - for the long-term using XML exports. While project files are proprietary, XML files are not. They are ideal for archiving or transferring media files between applications. As well, I've updated two earlier tutorials illustrating how to move projects from Final Cut to Premiere, or sequences from Premiere to Final Cut. You'll find both of these in the Articles section, below.

A very cool feature, that I rediscovered as I was researching last week's webinar, is the Comparison Viewer in Final Cut. This provides an easy way to match and compare shots during color grading to maintain image consistency during a scene. It, too, is in the Articles section below.

The Inside Tips keeps rolling out new tips, techniques and ideas for editors, visual effects artists and media creators. So far, we've published more than 1,300 tips in 400 newsletters! Which just amazes me! Even better, all of this is free!

The new year has begun, but the old year is having a hard time letting go. It's clear we still have a lot of work to do to get back to "normal." But, while things may be dark now, I truly believe better days are ahead. It just takes patience and hard work.

Until next Monday, stay safe and stay healthy - and edit well!
» Export XML Files to Safely Future-Proof Media Projects (Tutorial)
» Exporting and saving an XML file preserve projects for the future. 

» How to Transfer Projects from Final Cut to Premiere Pro (Tutorial)
» An illustrated step-by-step guide to what transfers and what doesn't.

» How to Transfer Projects from Premiere Pro to Final Cut (Tutorial)
» An illustrated step-by-step guide to what transfers and what doesn't.

» Use Comparison Viewer for Color Grading in Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» An illustrated, written tutorial on this new feature.

» Transform Overscan for Picture-in-Picture Effects (Video Tutorial)
» Transform overscan can preserve details when adjusting transform values.

» Copy Libraries & Create Proxy Libraries in Final Cut (Video Tutorial)
» New ways to copy libraries, especially when collaborating.

» Create, Import, Modify and Export Closed Captions (Video Tutorial)
» Everything you need to know about captions - all in one place.

» Use Comparison Viewer in FCP to Simplify Grading (Video Tutorial)
» A video tutorial on how this new feature works.
Visual Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro
Effects are the fun part of video editing because there are so many options. In this week's webinar, Larry Jordan illustrates how to create a variety of effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Everything you need - all in one place!
All The New Features in Final Cut Pro

From FCP 10.4.1 to 10.5.1, Apple added 23 significant new features and dozens of minor ones. In this webinar, I put them all together and show you how they work.

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