Jan. 13, 2020

Lots of news and announcements this week! First, the one I'm most excited about: TheInsideTips now supports viewer-contributed tips! Here's the link. For years, I've wanted to create a place people could go to share their favorite tips, shortcuts and workarounds. There's lots of forums, but none to devoted just to tips.

We created it. Now, we made it possible for you to contribute tips, too!
Here's the link: www.theinsidetips.com/contributors/

To make this even more interesting, once you contribute a tip, you can track it to see how many views it got and how readers rated it. This is so cool! Everything is free - and, no, we aren't tracking you or selling your data. I just like helping you make the most of your gear.

Check it out and tell me what you think. Even better, contribute a tip! Tips are read in more than 40 countries each week! Sign up for your free Tip Letters here.

Oh! Last week, I forgot to send the Codecs/Media and Visual Effects Tip Letters. (I, uh, didn't click "Submit..." Sheesh.) So, this week, I'm sending both editions - last week and this. Sorry.

Changing the subject, James wondered whether Apple is using the new Titan Ridge Thunderbolt 3 controller in any of their computers? The answer is that the Mac Pro uses Titan Ridge Thunderbolt controllers, both in the system itself and on the MPX Module that feature additional Thunderbolt 3 ports. This provides the system with current state-of-the-art Thunderbolt throughput.

Also, I want to clarify my article last week comparing the compression speed differences between Mojave and Catalina. As we have come to learn, there's no single answer that fits every system. My tests were run using an iMac with an i5 CPU, which supports hardware acceleration. However, the iMac Pro and Mac Pro use Intel CPUs that don't support hardware-accelerated video compression.

What I learned was that both systems include a T-2 chip from Apple which, in addition to handling security, also handles video compression. In other words, the T-2 allows both systems to accelerate compression of H.264 and 8-bit HEVC. Because this is non-Intel hardware, compression performance will be different. For example, the performance slow-downs that I reported between Mojave and Catalina seem to be more pronounced on Intel CPUs than on the T-2. I updated my article.

Also, as long as we are updating things, last week I wrote that I had upgraded to Catalina and not had any problems. That remains a true statement. However, I learned that Avid Media Composer is NOT Catalina compatible, nor will it be for several months. Just a heads-up. As always, for any app that you rely on to pay the bills, always check with the vendor before any major system upgrade.

Finally, as I was writing my newsletter this week, I found what seems to be a bug in Premiere that affects multicam editing. (Thanks, Norlaine, for the heads-up.) You can read more here.

I also have articles on the View menu in Final Cut Pro X and a very cool way to position text in Premiere that makes reframing aspect ratios a LOT easier.

Lots of interesting things to read. Enjoy your week. Let me know what you think of The Inside Tips and, until next week, edit well .  

Using HDR Media in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
RAW, sLog, HDR, 12-bit, 16-bit... What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Final Cut?

It's easy to get confused!
This session covers:  
* What HDR and log media is 
* Tips to color grading HDR  
* How to work with RAW, HDR, log
   and ProRes media in Final Cut Pro X
Using HDR Media in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
RAW, sLog, HDR, 12-bit, 16-bit... What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Premiere?

It's easy to get confused!
This session covers:  
* What HDR and log media is
* Limitations of HDR in Premiere 
* How to work with RAW, HDR, and
   log media in Premiere Pro CC
Download: HDR in Premiere Pro  
» Caution: Multicam Editing Changed in Premiere ( Commentary)
    » Premiere no longer supports different frame sizes - I think it's a bug.

» FCP X: Looking at the View Menu ( Tutorial)
    » An illustrated explanation of all the options and what they do.

» Premiere: Cool Text Trick When Auto-Reframing (Tutorial)
    » "Pin" your text to simplify text positioning when reframing sequences.

» Speed Test: Apple Compressor vs. Adobe Media Encoder (Evaluation)
    » An update to last week's article, also compares Mojave with Catalina. 
» Blurs No Longer Protect Privacy

» EQ: Warm a Voice & Improve Clarity

» New Font Menu in Premiere Pro CC

» Pick the Right Version of ProRes

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» Apple Final Cut Pro X: Complete

» 274: HDR in Premiere
» 91: Repair Bad Audio in CS6    
» 253: Closed Captions in FCP X
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