Jan. 14, 2019

A fascinating interview for this week's Buzz spurred a whole stream of interesting thoughts over the weekend. I was talking with Mark Harrison, Managing Director of the Digital Production Partnership about "disintermediation." This word describes what happens when the Internet intersects with record companies or newspapers. Now, Mark sees it happening to media studios and companies.

This could be as financially ground-shattering to media producers as what the music or news industry went through - and it's my lead story this week. I'd love to hear your comments. Read it here.

Webinars are back this week - and I'm covering color basics in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Adobe has made continual improvements in their color controls and monitoring. This week, we'll start at the beginning and take a look at color in Premiere. Registration is free for all our live events. Sign up here.

Clayton Moore has been running some tests comparing Mojave with High Sierra. High Sierra, he says, is 10-30% faster than Mojave on older systems. He writes: "I did an erase and restore on my late 2013 MacBook Pro to return to High Sierra  and saw an improvement but nothing to write home about. File under 'your millage may vary.' I do believe that Apple ... will [issue] some improvements with 10.14.3 at some future date, the goal being to roll a fix that would prevent people from having to erase and reinstall anything to get 10-30% performance back." If you haven't upgraded yet, this is something to keep in mind.

Caroleen Moise, a long-time reader, wrote to say: "I've been a long-time 'student,' and, now, I have a second film going out to IndieGogo soon. If you are interested, here's the link: https://bit.ly/2BAZ7I8." This looks interesting...

The Digital Production Buzz last week looked at the challenges of live production and streaming. Creating a live production has never been easier - but that doesn't mean it's easy. Tonight, we talk with experts about the current state of live production and streaming: LiveU, 1 Beyond, Telestream and Switcher Studio. Listen here.

Thinking of The Buzz, the good folks at Take1 Transcription have returned to provide transcripts of our weekly shows. (You can read last week's show transcript here.) Take 1 specializes in delivering accurate and affordable services to clients throughout the world. More than 50,000 hours of content passes through their doors each year. Learn more at www.take1.tv. We are delighted to have them back as part of the Digital Production Buzz team!

Thanks for all your kind wishes last week, I'm feeling much better and looking forward to the new year. See you at the webinar on Thursday. In the meantime,  edit well.

Last Week on The Buzz
Live production and streaming have never been easier - but that doesn't mean it's easy.  
Tonight, we talk with the experts about the current state of live production and streaming.    
* George Klippel, Live U
* Rony Sebok, 1 Beyond
* Scott Murray, Telestream
* Nick Mattingly, Switcher Studio 
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS.com 
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New shows air live every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM Los Angeles time.

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Listen to the show here.
The Craft of Editing
This four-part series looks at the craft and techniques of editing. This also includes a bonus session and practice media.
* Planning for production 
* Edit interviews & montages
* Edit a dramatic scene
* Edit music & multicam
* BONUS: Timing is everything 
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Color Basics in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe continues to improve their color grading controls and scopes. In this week's session, we'll explore the current state of color in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
* Color fundamentals
* How to read video scopes
* How to make color corrections
* How to create looks
* How to use masks
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