Jan. 15, 2018

All kinds of cool stuff for you this week - product reviews, videos, articles and a commentary about whether it's time to upgrade to High Sierra.

First, though, an update on my UNcontest. (It's called the "Uncontest" because there are no prizes.) Here's the deal: if you have ideas on how you'd like to improve the interface for FCP X or Premiere, send me an email. Last week, I received about 20 emails - 8 for Premiere, 12 for FCP X, so I decided to extend the Uncontest for one more week.

Then, I'll compile all the responses and publish them in next week's newsletter. As well, I'll also send a copy to Apple - for Final Cut - and another to Adobe - for Premiere. I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. Send your suggestions now, then, next week, you can see what your fellow editors are complaining about!

* Interface suggestions - not new features - for FCP X - click here.

* Interface suggestions - not new features - for Premiere - click here.

IMPORTANT: Tom Coughlin just opened his annual survey of digital storage requirements and practices for media professionals. This annual survey is our best opportunity to tell storage vendors what we need from them in the coming months. The survey takes about seen minutes to complete and I recommend you share your thoughts. Click here. Thanks!

A frequent question I got this last week is whether it's "OK to upgrade to High Sierra?" The answer is complex and is my lead story for this week. As well, last week, Frame.io published two excellent articles about proxy workflows in both Premiere and FCP X. I'm sharing them with you, with their permission, because you may find them useful in your own workflow.

I have a product review of Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2 and two video tutorials that showcase new color features in FCP X. Plus, a long-needed write-up on how and why to use the Broadcast Safe/Video Limiter effect in FCP X and/or Premiere. You'll find all of these in Articles, below.

Thinking about Luca reminds me that the Digital Production Buzz devoted its show last week to plug-ins: what they are, how they're developed and what trends developers are watching in 2018. We spoke with Boris FX, Red Giant, Re:Vision Effects and Digital Anarchy. This was interesting - especially because each company sees the world differently. Listen here.

My webinar this week is a "two-fer" - I'll look at how to create speed changes to video clips in both Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro X. Registration is always FREE - sign-up here - you have two different shows to choose from.

Work is picking back up nicely - it will be a busy week. And, as always, I look forward to chatting with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
Plug-ins can be enticing, exciting or simply a necessary part of our editing and effects toolbox. Tonight we talk with key plug-in developers about how plug-ins have changed over the past few years, how they cope with the constant pressure for change, and what they have now that's new.

 * Boris Yamnitsky, Boris FX
 * Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant
* Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy
 * Pete Litwinowicz, Re:Vision FX
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
Listen or read each full episode here.

Text transcripts provided by Take1.tv. Read the written transcript for this week's show here.

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The New Color Tools in
Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.4
Apple made major changes to the color tools in the latest version of Final Cut Pro X.  
Join Larry Jordan as he shows how the new tools work and how to use them to fix problems and improve the look of your images:
* Color Correction Basics 
* HDR and Video Scopes
* New Color Wheels
* New Color Curves
* New Hue/Saturation Curves
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
Speed Changes in Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro X
Changing the speed of a clip is all the rage in video today; especially extreme slow motion. This session shows how it's done.

Join Larry Jordan as he showcases how to change the playback speed of a clip in both Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CC. This session will demonstrate how to create:

* Still frames
*Slow motion
*Fast motion
*Variable speeds within a clip
Bring your questions - this will fun! 
Registration is FREE - sign up here
» Is It Time to Upgrade to High Sierra? ( Commentary)
   » Larry's thoughts on when is the "right" time to upgrade.   
» Product Review: Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2 ( Review)
   » Illustrated review of software for Premiere, FCP X, Motion and After Effects   
» Broadcast Safe: Keep Video Levels Legal (Tutorial)
   » Why video levels are important and how to keep them safe.      
» FCP X 10.4: Keyframe a Color Correction ( Video Tutorial)
   » New with the 10.4 update, this gives more control over color correction. 
» FCP X 10.4: Amazing New Hue/Saturation Curves ( Video Tutorial)
   » These new tools create effects that are just stunning!
» A Proxy Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC ( Frame.io)  
   » Courtesy of Frame.io - ways to use proxies your Premiere Pro workflow. 
» A Proxy Workflow in Apple Final Cut Pro X ( Frame.io)  
   » Courtesy of Frame.io - ways to use proxies your Final Cut Pro X workflow. 
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