NEWS - Jan. 18, 2021
New tutorials and a product review this week. First, though, the news.

I am speaking this week at the Creativity Conference 2021. This global meeting of minds explores the quintessential essence of creativity, with the goal of inspiring and re-invigorating creativity for all of us. I'm presenting "Visual Arts: Techniques of Visual Persuasion" this Saturday, Jan. 23 at 11 AM PST. Registration is FREE.

I'm also chairing the "Film, TV & Games" panel on Friday, Jan. 22, but a time and registration link is not yet live.

In other news, OWC announced or released a flock of new products at CES last week. For me, though, the biggest news was that OWC has acquired LumaForge, creator of the award-winning family of shared storage Jellyfish solutions and its support of the ultra-reliable video workflow server. I used LumaForge in creating my video training as well as at the Digital Production Buzz coverage of NAB

Press release: OWC Acquires LumaForge

In other CES news, OWC announced Envoy Pro FX - exceedingly fast, rugged, portable NVMe SSD, 6 port USB-C Travel Dock E, and a new Thunderbolt Dock. They also released the Envoy Pro Elektron NVMe SSD (more on this below).

OWC Envoy Pro FX: Press Release
OWC USB-C Travel Dock E: Press Release
OWC Thunderbolt Dock: Press Release

In spite of the news coming out of CES, things seem a bit quiet on the media software front. I suspect this is due to developers working to support both Big Sur and the latest Apple M1 computers. Media apps have been especially impacted by these new systems and it's taking time for new versions to roll out.
I was thrilled to discover that has listed three of my books on their list of "The Best Final Cut Pro Books of All Time!" My latest book - Techniques of Visual Persuasion - was too new to be considered. This is a great honor and I'm very pleased!

Webinars are taking this week off so I can prepare for my Creativity Conference presentations. However, last week's session providing an Effects Overview for Adobe Premiere Pro was well received. It is now available in my store and Video Training Library. As well, you'll find highlights from this webinar in the Reviews & Tutorials section below.

My lead story is a product review of the new Envoy Pro Electron NVMe SSD from OWC. Really fast. Really small. Really portable. 

Product Review: Envoy Pro Elektron NVMe SSD

One of the joys I get in writing TheInsideTips each week is discovering the small things that make using software more enjoyable. You know, the stuff that, once you discover it, you say: "Cool!" As I was exploring Final Cut, I took a closer look at its animated backgrounds - and discovered a bunch of interesting stuff.

Times of change are often intensely scary, but they can also be a time for us to reinvent ourselves. While there is no shortage of challenges, the ability to communicate effectively is more vital now than ever. Visuals dominate the conversation. While a lie told often enough becomes the new "truth," our skills can provide the antidote. 

Stay healthy. Stay hopeful and, most important, stay involved. Until next Monday, edit well.

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Effects Overview for Adobe Premiere Pro
Effects are the fun part of video editing because there are so many options. In this week's webinar, Larry Jordan illustrates how to create over 40 different effects in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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