Jan. 28, 2019

This is a very intense time at most manufacturers and developers: they are heads-down over their keyboards getting the latest products and revisions ready for launch in April at NAB. Which is a long way to say that there isn't a whole lot of new news happening right now.

Still, I have two product reviews and a tutorial for you this week, as well as an invitation. Let's start with that.

Tom Coughlin, CEO of Coughlin Associates, is conducting its 10th annual survey of digital storage requirements and practices for media and entertainment professionals, with results included in the 2019 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report. Top level results will be provided to participants, if you provide your contact information. If you work in media or entertainment, please take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9C9LHGF.

I've been a fan of Tom and his surveys for years. I actively encourage you to share your opinions. Tom is hardwired into the storage industry and they pay attention to his reports. If you have ideas or needs for storage, this survey is a perfect place to get them heard.

The Digital Production Buzz had a fascinating show last week. Normally, we talk with experts to learn what's happening in our industry. One of the big challenges we all face is greater competition. So, this week, we talked with young folks just entering the industry, to get their take on what first got them interested in media and how they see the future. These  interviews were just delightful! We talked with Paulina, who's still in school, Maddie, who graduated two years ago, and Trevor, who's now celebrating his fourth year as an editor. Plus, we had an outstanding interview with Sadie Groom about the RISE mentoring program which she founded. I really appreciated hearing all their views and perspective on our industry and think you'd enjoy hearing them as well. Here's the link.
Thinking about The Buzz, we are back at NAB this year - celebrating ten years covering the largest event in our industry. I'll have more details about our plans in the next month. I'm just really excited to be heading back! 
This week, I have two product reviews: one covering the Samsung T5 Portable SSD and the other looking at transcoding powerhouse Edit Ready. Plus a detailed tutorial on how to create and animate a video wall in 3D in Motion. Lots of interesting things to learn this week.

I'm currently working on three other product reviews that I hope to have ready for you next week. This time between major launches is a good time to look at other tools that can make our lives easier.

That's it for this week - webinars remain on hold to give me more time to study. I look forward to chatting with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.

Last Week on The Buzz
We look at the challenges facing young people just entering the media industry. What first got them interested in media and what excites them about their careers?  
Plus we learn about a new mentoring program for women and an update on Hollywood industry labor news because Jonathan Handel is back! 
* Jonathan Handel, "The Hollywood
* Paulina Borowski, media student
* Trevor Horton, editor
* Madeline Leach, cinematographer 
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS.com 
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Color Basics in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe continues to improve their color grading controls and scopes.  
In this week's session, we explore the current state of color in Premiere Pro CC.
* Fundamentals of Color
* How to read video scopes
* New automatic color tools 
* How to make color corrections
* How to create looks

Download your copy here.  

Webinars Are
Taking This Week Off
Webinars are taking a week off so Larry can learn more about working with 4K and RAW media.
Webinars will be back soon.
In the meantime, check out our store. With almost 2,000 titles to choose from, you'll certainly find something interesting to learn.
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» Product Review: Edit Ready by divergent media ( Review)
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» Product Review: Samsung T5 Portable SSD ( Review)
   » A high-speed storage system with one MAJOR glitch.

» Motion 5: Create 3D Moves on a Video Wall ( Tutorial)
   » How to create a fully animated video wall, with camera moves, for promos
» Configure a Mac mini
   for Video Editing

» EQ: Warm a Voice
   and Improve Clarity

» Premiere Pro CC:
   The New Font Menu

» Premiere Pro CC:
   Use Two Monitors

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   Adobe Premiere Pro 
» 264: Multicam
   Editing in FCP X   
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   Replicators in Motion 5 

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