NEWS - Jan. 4, 2021

And may 2021 be far better to all of us than 2020. Welcome back!

The week between Christmas and New Years is, as you would expect, pretty darn quiet on the technology front. Now that the new year is starting, things should start returning to normal - whatever that means these days.

One of the great pleasures I get from writing my tutorials is reading your comments. Whether you are commenting on the tutorial, adding new information, or correcting my mistakes, I enjoy reading and answering all of them.

To that end, here are the top five most commented of my tutorials. As usual, it spans a wide range of subjects - leading with hardware.

Top 5 Most Commented Tutorials

  1. Configure a 2019 iMac for Video Editing - 344 comments
  2. Configure a MacBook Pro for Video Editing - 150 comments
  3. FCP X: Relinking Media - 148 comments
  4. FCP X: When to Use Optimized, Proxy or Native Media - 143 comments
  5. FCP X: Export a Master File - 136 comments
My webinar this week takes a look at the new features that appeared in Final Cut Pro X from 10.4.1 through to 10.5.1. While no single release was a "block-buster," over time these added a lot of very cool features. Registration is free

To start the new year, I have a series of articles that can help you focus as each of us struggles to figure out how we are going to rebuild our business after this last year. Cool new hardware gets the headlines, but hardware doesn't pay the rent. It what we DO with the hardware that changes the world. You'll find links in the Reviews & Tutorials section, below.

It's the start of a new year, yet we still have a long ways to go before things are back to a new "normal." In the midst of these serious challenges, it is easy to lose hope. Despair is dangerous. That's what makes this holiday time so important - a chance to take a deep breath and gather our strength to keep moving forward. We are in the middle of the worst of it - better days are ahead. 

I wish you a healthy, happy, and exciting New Year. Until next Monday, edit well.
» The Creative Need for Reinvention (Commentary)
» For better or worse, our industry has changed. Time for us to change, too.

» My Advice to a Young Filmmaker (Commentary)
» The best way to learn filmmaking is to make films.

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» Storage is more important than computers. Start your next project right!

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» What value is a great story when no one knows it's there to see?

» Thoughts on Teaching Technology (Commentary)
» There is a big difference between story-telling, demos & training.

» Revised Review: Image Chest from Armpit Studios (Product Review)
» I've used this for a year. Much has changed and gotten even better!
New Features in Final Cut Pro 10.4.x
Since the initial release of Final Cut Pro X 10.4, Apple has added a number of new features.

For the first time, I'll combine all the new features in every version of Final Cut from 10.4.0 to 10.5 into one webinar.

Webinars start Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.
Ask Larry Anything - 2020

What better way to end the year than with a session that covers just about anything – well, at least, anything you are interested in! Yup, it’s time for: “Ask Larry Anything!”

Everything you need - all in one place!
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