Jan. 8, 2018

So much to talk about this week - including a NEW UNcontest!

First, I have five new articles for you this week, including a "think piece" on trends I see coming in 2018. There are several that trouble me, so, as always, I'm interested in your opinion. Read it here.

Last week's webinar covering the new features in Final Cut Pro X was well-received. In fact, I have three video excerpts derived from it for you this week. However, in planning the session, I realized that there wasn't enough time in one webinar to cover all the new features AND go into detail on the new Color Tools.

So, this week's webinar is exclusively devoted to the new Color Tools in FCP X - how to use them to correct color problems and make your images look great. As always, registration is FREE - AND we are presenting TWO shows. Sign up here - this one will fill quickly! This session will be part technology and part craft. It's one of my favorites.

Tom Coughlin and I have partnered to present a session at his upcoming Creative Storage conference. His conferences talk to storage developers and I want to present a session showcasing the intersection of storage and media: The DIT! If you are a DIT, or regularly act as one, and would like to inform the storage community on the challenges you face, send me an email. We are looking for five speakers for a June event. This is not paid, but we'll do what we can to make you famous. Send me an email here.

Also, now that the holidays are over and both Final Cut and Premiere are past their latest updates, I decided it's time to run a contest. Um, no. I am running an UNcontest - because there are no prizes. Here's the deal: if you have ideas on how you'd like Apple OR Adobe to improve the interface for FCP X or Premiere, send me an email.

I'll compile all the answers I get (I KNOW I'm going to regret writing that...) then, turn it into a nice package and send one to Apple - for Final Cut - and one to Adobe - for Premiere. As well, I'll publish them so you can see what your fellow editors are complaining about....!

This will either be fun... or I'm gonna get buried. Either way, I'll make sure to share your comments with the "powers-that-be" and I'll keep you informed along the way.

If you have interface suggestions - NOT new features - for FCP X -
click here.

If you have interface suggestions - NOT new features - for Premiere - click here.

My most popular article last week was on LUTs - which surprised me, to be truthful. So, this week, I have a video which illustrates how LUTs work and expands on the article. Watch it here.

And, don't forget the Digital Production Buzz. Last week's show featured our team of experts predicting what we'll see happen in 2018. Everyone brought their own perspective and I was surprised by what many of them thought - especially when they talked about the technology they felt would not survive the year. It was an interesting show.

Well, I'm up to my eyebrows in new products to review - more reviews are coming shortly - plus, school starts today as well. So, the holidays are over, time to get back to work. Have an enjoyable week, chat with you next Monday. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
Our favorite analysts look ahead at 2018 and highlight the key trends they expect to make the most impact on our industry. You'll be surprised at the diversity of their opinions - in fact, almost no one agrees with anyone else! Join us and see if their opinions match yours.

 * Ned Soltz
 * Randi Altman
 * Philip Hodgetts
 * Michele Yamazaki
 * Jonathan Handle
 * Michael Kammes
 * James DeRuvo
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Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.4
Webinars return for the new year with a look at the new features in the latest version of Final Cut Pro X.
Join Larry Jordan as he explores features, including:
* HDR settings and projects
* 360° VR
* LUTs
* Color Tools 
* And more
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
The New Color Tools in
Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.4
Apple made major changes to the color tools in the latest version of Final Cut Pro X. 
Join Larry Jordan as he shows how the new tools work and how to use them to fix problems and improve the look of your images: 
* New Balance Color tool
* New Color Wheels
* New Color Curves
* New Hue/Saturation Curves
* And more
Bring your questions - this will fun! 
Registration is FREE - sign up here
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» FCP X 10.4: How to Access, Display and Change LUTs ( Video Tutorial)
   » LUTs are new with FCP X 10.4. Here's what they are and how they work.   
» FCP X 10.4: View HDR Images on Video Scopes ( Video Tutorial)
   » FCP X video scopes only display SDR images, here's how to change them. 
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