July 17, 2017

"How do I survive now when the technology is literally changing before my eyes? You just embrace it, the second anything new comes out, no matter what it is."  (Tim Damon, commercial director, LA Times, July 14, 2017)

I've written about the impact of technological change before, but this quote from Tim started a different chain of thought, which is reflected in my lead story today: "I'm Worried About the Future of Editing." I think this is essential reading for all of us today. I sent my blog to Philip Hodgetts, who provided an extremely thoughtful reply, which you should also read.

I appreciate your opinions and, if you like this, please share it with your friends. The more we discuss this, the easier it will be to cope with change. And the answer is more complex than simply "love technology."

On a different note, I had fun this week reviewing an SSD RAID from OWC. This was the first time I had a chance to really play with an SSD system and I discovered that SSDs are much more than "simply faster HDDs." This gave me an incentive to learn more, which I share with you this week.

If you are considering purchasing an SSD system, you need to read my review. But, more importantly, I recommend you read "Critical Facts To Know About SSDs." In this, I explain that more than speed is involved when you move to an SSD system. This article is a good way to spend your money wisely and avoid problems with this relatively new technology.

Due to up-coming vacations, webinars are taking a holiday until August 7. In the meantime, last week's session on Multicam Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC was fun.  I've created two excerpts for you this week, one covering the basics of multicam editing and the other a detailed look at how to configure a multicam clip.

(By the way, even if you edit using FCP X, you will learn by watching the Multicam Basics video. In terms of what multicams are and how they handle storage, the two apps are very similar. Both videos are below.)

An interesting side-note: As part of my review of the OWC SSD RAID, I tested using it for multicam editing with both FCP X and Premiere. What I discovered is that when both apps were creating proxies, Premiere took about 3 times longer than FCP X; 2.5 hours vs. 42 minutes. I mention this in case creating proxies is important in your editing.

Last week on The Buzz, we covered digital asset management. We talked with five different vendors, each of whom had entirely different ideas on what digital asset management requires. It was a fascinating show and one that can help you determine which tool will best help you get your projects better organized.

That's about it. I'm always interested in your opinions, so feel free to add comments to my articles. In the meantime, until next week, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!

The Buzz looked at digital asset management. Why is it so difficult? What affordable products are out there? What do we need to know to make the right choice?

  * Kevin Duggan - iMedia
  * Robert Krueger - Lesspain
  * Steve Shim - Malgn Tech.
  * Erika Nortemann - Tandem
  * Sam Bogoch - Axle Video
  * James DeRuvo - DoddleNEWS

Kevin set the scene about asset management. Then, Robert talked about Kyno, Steve about KeyFlow Pro, and Erika about Tandem Vault. Then, Sam explained Axle while James presented our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.
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Last Week: Multicam Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Multicam is more and more popular; and not just for concerts.

This session looks at everything you need  to successfully create, edit and modify multicam clips inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Including:

* Multicam shooting basics
* File organization
* Create & modify multicam clips
* Edit & trim multicam clips
* Effects and multicam clips

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