NEWS - July 19, 2021
It's the middle of the summer. Even the rumor sites are running out of things to write breathlessly about. Yup, I read the rumor sites, but the truth of the matter is that most rumors are designed to generate web traffic. A rumor may be fun to think about, but never plan purchases based on rumors. Once Apple actually ships something - and you know Apple is always working on new stuff - then you can make a decision on whether it meets your needs or not. Also remember that there is no law that says you must buy a new Apple product the day it ships. Give yourself time to think about how the new gear will fit into your workflow.

I have two new tutorials showcasing techniques that I use in all my Final Cut edits to make me more efficient - details below.

In the news:

NIM Labs announces NIM 5.0 to help studios find an edge as they go global or remote. It provides visual analytics tools for targeted business intelligence; a multi-location payroll system to simplify the admin behind remote workforces; and much more. The redesigned interface includes direct dashboard access to all task information including notes, review items and renders, consolidating assigned tasks to a single location.

Flanders Scientific announced the XM312U - the next evolution of their HDR monitoring options and offers several key advantages over their outgoing XM310K, including over 2,000 nits brighter peak luminance, 20% improvement in backlight zones to pixels ratio and twice the panel static contrast ratio​​​​​​. Coming this fall.

SoundOn (formally Audio Design Desk) unveiled Audio Design Desk 1.7, the only tool built from the ground up for real-time creation of audio for video. The AI-assisted application for macOS makes producing finished sound more than ten times faster than any other workflow. It comes with over 30,000 royalty free sounds, loops and music cues. released a blog on the future of filmmaking and cinematography in the age of photogrammetry. Technology drives media production, this blog looks at what may be coming in the future.

Adam Carter, from, sent me an article that "explains what happened to Adobe TV; and their Creative Suite software. It's an interesting story, and it could be useful to your readers."

Jordi Cubiro, at Happy Scribe, introduced his company: "At Happy Scribe we offer transcription and subtitling services as a platform. We started offering automatic transcription and subtitling, and today we also offer professional transcription and subtitling services. We are able to transcribe audio to text automatically and to generate subtitles and captions in +120 languages."

Last weeks' webinar "Exploring Affinity Photo" was an interesting challenge. It is a deep and complex program, just as is Adobe Photoshop. The key was to figure out which features would most benefit video editors using the software to process still images for video. So, during the course of this webinar, I covered more than 30! It is available now in both my store and our Video Training Library. Save 50% if you buy the download!

My next webinar will be NEXT week and return to one of my favorite topics: Ask Larry Anything. Please email me your questions so I have time to put together a demo that illustrates the answers. Registration to all my live events is free. (Webinars will return Sept. 1.)

Link: Ask Larry Anything Webinar - NEXT week!

I have two new tutorials this week, illustrating shortcuts and title techniques that I use in every edit to speed my work. The first presents three custom shortcuts that you can create for yourself in Final Cut Pro. The second illustrates how to create custom titles in Motion that can be easily adjusted in Final Cut. These are the same adjustable titles that I use every week in my webinars.

Summer continues to roll on, the Olympics are about to start and fall isn't that far away. Times change - often faster than we expect. 

Until next Monday, stay safe, healthy and hopeful. Edit well.

» 3 Simple Custom Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» These three custom shortcuts simplify and speed several repetitive aspects of my edit.

» Create a Flexible Title Template in Motion for Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» This is fast, easy and saves TONS of time formatting and positioning titles.

» When Things Go Wrong - Troubleshoot Your Mac (Tutorial)
  » A variety of techniques to help when your Mac gets flakey.

Ask Larry Anything
This is a good way to wrap up our summer webinars. Talking about whatever you are interested in. Please email me your questions, so I can put demos together. (Note: Webinars will resume Sept. 1, 2021.)

* Wednesday - July 28 @ 9 AM and 12 PM

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Exploring Affinity Photo for Video Editors

In this session, I compare using Affinity Photo with Adobe Photoshop to edit and repair still images for video projects. How do they compare for:

* Image editing
* Image repair
* Image export and format conversion

Everything you need - all in one place!
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