July 20, 2020

Things are really, really quiet this week. Virtually no press releases crossed under my transom, which is highly unusual.

So, we'll get right to the tutorials, starting with this week's webinar: " The Basics of Editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X." Last week, we covered the editing fundamentals of reviewing clips, then editing and trimming them into a project. This week, we look at organizing the timeline, audio, transitions and titles. Registration to my live events is always free - there's still room for you to join us.

Register for this week:  larryjordan.com/weekly-webinar/

This week, I have five new tutorials covering  Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. The video clips are highlights from last week's webinar, while the two written tutorials sprang from writing The Inside Tips this week. You'll find all of them in the Articles section, below.

Also, last week, our email provider had problems linking the newsletter to articles, so I'm including some from last week again, in case you were not able to read them.

This is a reminder to sign-up for The Inside Tips, if you haven't already done so. We've published more than 800 tips so far - and every Tip Letter is free. I also encourage you to contribute your own tips. We can all learn from each other.

Finally, the 35% discount on my latest book - Techniques of Visual Persuasion - expires when my book is released on July 29. Take advantage of the discount on either print or digital formats.

Coupon Code: VisualPersuasion

Summer is supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation. But, to me, the stress level feels high enough to cut with a knife. It will be a long time until we can realistically apply the word "normal" again. Take a deep breath. Wear a mask. Don't do stupid things. We will get through this. Chat with you again next week.

Until then, stay healthy and   edit well
» Using Layered Photoshop Files in Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
   » These provide lots of options - here's what you need to know.

» Importing Layered Photoshop Files in Premiere Pro (Tutorial)
   » The key decisions are made when you import. Here's what you need to know.

» FCP X: Three Advanced Editing Tools (Video Tutorial)
   » Here's how to do a 3-point, back-time and replace edit.

» FCP X: Create, Modify & Search Using Keywords (Video Tutorial)
   » Keywords really simplify working with lots of media clips.

» FCP X: How to Use the Precision Editor (Video Tutorial)
   » The Precision Editor is the best teaching editing tool I've ever seen. 

- - - From Last Week
» How I Create My Weekly Webinars - A Workflow (Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial from pre-production through to post.

» Final Cut Pro X: Create a Ken Burns Effect (Tutorial)
   » The Ken Burns effect makes moves on stills fun and easy. Here's how it works.

» Premiere Pro: Create a Custom Sequence Preset (Tutorial)
   » A step-by-step tutorial on how to manually create presets for Mac or Windows

» Trouble-shoot Final Cut Pro X (Video tutorial)
   » This handy reference explains how to fix problems, both minor and severe.
The Basics of Editing
in Apple Final Cut Pro X - Pt. 2
The Basics of Editing
in Apple Final Cut Pro X - Pt. 3
Part 2 in our series:  Editing:
* Organize clips
* Review clips
* Edit clips
* Trim clips
The perfect way to learn Final Cut.

Everything you need - all in one place.

Part 3 in our series: Timeline & Audio:
* Organize timeline
* Audio
* Transitions
* Titles
* Generators

This Wednesday.

Everything you need - all in one place.

» Editing Requires Storage Bandwidth

»  EQ : Warm a Voice & Improve Clarity

» When to use H.264 vs. HEVC

» Pick the Right Version of ProRes

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» Apple Final Cut Pro X: Complete 

» 285: FCP X Editing Basics (Pt. 1)

» 274: HDR Media in Premiere Pro

» Bundle: Premiere Editing Basics

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