July 22, 2019

Some weeks, coming up with even two new story ideas is really hard. This week, ideas were tripping all over themselves. I have EIGHT - a new record for this weekly newsletter. Whew! If only it was that easy each week.

First, though I want to talk about last week's webinar: " Using HDR Media in Final Cut Pro X." This was a fascinating session to research and present. It covers the basics of HDR and log media, how they are created and what makes them different. Then, I provide several tips on how to color grade HDR footage in Final Cut. Finally, I spend most of the session demoing different video formats - RED RAW, vLOG, ProRes - and explain how to make them look great. If you want to take your images to the next level, this session will explain what you need to know and get you started with a solid foundation of how this stuff works. Here's the link to learn more.

Next week's webinar presents similar concepts, this time focused on HDR in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. In doing my research, I discovered that Premiere handles HDR media significantly different from Final Cut. I'm learning a lot and I look forward to presenting it to you this Thursday. Registration for my live events is always FREE. Sign up to attend here.

This week, I spun out three video tutorials from my Final Cut/HDR session: color grading tips, the new HDR Tools effect and Range Check. These last two  I forgot to cover in my live presentation on Thursday, so I added them to the download version, as well as the session I posted to my Video Training Library.

By the way, thinking of cool news and products, " Imagine Products, creator of software utilities for backing up, viewing, sharing, transcoding, and archiving video assets, introduced several key upgrades to the company's ShotPut Pro app, the industry standard for offloading video, audio, and photo files. Together, the new ShotPut Pro Mac 2019.2 release and the new Imagine HQ iOS app combine to give users support for handling more file types, enable versatile reporting, and simplify offloading for anyone in charge of data management." (Imagine Products press release)

I've been a fan of ShotPut Pro for many years. If you haven't used it recently, and you do any production at all, take a look at how it can help you. Here's the link.

In other news, Digital Heaven announced this week that they are making all their Final Cut Pro X plug-ins free to concentrate on their latest hit: SpeedScriber. I have more details in my Articles section below.

Mark Bashian is a long-time reader and friend. His company is producing more films than ever and getting finished work output and compressed is more important than ever. Recently, he purchased some new gear and ran a series of performance tests comparing different Macs for getting media rendered and compressed. I was highly interested in his findings and want to share them with you. This, too, is in the Articles section below.

Finally, I have articles on transferring media from iPhones to a Mac, a product review of mLUT from MotionVFX, and how to use Range Check in Final Cut Pro X to protect your highlights. You'll learn something from each one of these.

That's about it for this week, time to get back researching HDR media in Premiere. (Oh! And trying to stay cool...) As always, I'm interested in your questions and comments. In the meantime, edit well.

Using HDR Media in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
RAW, sLog, HDR, 12-bit, 16-bit... What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Final Cut?

It's easy to get confused.
This session covers: 
* What HDR and log media is 
* Tips to color grading HDR  
* How to work with RAW, HDR, log
   and ProRes media in Final Cut Pro X
Using HDR Media in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
RAW, sLog, HDR, 12-bit, 16-bit... What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Premiere?

It's easy to get confused.
This session covers:  
* What HDR and log media is
* Tips to color grading HDR
* How to work with RAW, HDR, log
   and ProRes media in Premiere Pro
Registration is FREE! Sign up here.
» Real-World Performance Results ( Comparison)
   » Mark Bashian compares results using different models of Mac.
» Tips for Color Grading HDR Media in Final Cut Pro X ( Video Tutorial)
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» Use Range Check to Control Highlights in FCP X (Video Tutorial)
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» How to Use the HDR Tools Effect in Final Cut Pro X (Video Tutorial)
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» Product Review: mLUT from MotionVFX (Product Review)
   » An illustrated review for FCP X, Premiere, After Effects, Avid, Motion and more.

» Use AirDrop to Transfer Files from an iPhone to a Mac (Tutorial)
   » I find myself using this more and more. Here's how it works.

» Digital Heaven Makes All Final Cut Pro X Plug-ins FREE! (News)
   » News and an interview with Martin Baker about their free goodies!

» Final Cut Pro X: Use Range Check to Protect Highlights (Tutorial)
   » For those that prefer a written version. This is something you need to know.
» EQ: Warm a Voice & Improve Clarity
» CPU, RAM, & Libraries in FCP X

» Create a Dual-Boot Mac System Disk

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