July 23, 2018

Wow, the summer is just flying by! It's the middle of the summer and, if you exclude Comic-Con, there isn't a lot happening. Folks are either taking a well-deserved vacation or have their heads down working on new versions of everything to be shown or released at IBC in September.

Still, I have four new articles for you this week: two on Final Cut and two on Premiere that should give you something to think about to start your week. And, thinking about thinking, I came across this saying last week that seems worthwhile to share.

The Digital Production Buzz had one of its best shows this year last week. We were looking at the current state of VR. While VR has been quiet in media and entertainment, it is taking off in training and education. Our guests focused on explaining the strengths of VR and provided suggestions on where the money is in VR productions. It was an excellent show - and one that I think you'd enjoy. Listen here.

We still have one webinar left for July - and this is one of my favorites: Color correction and grading in Final Cut Pro X. Learn about the new color tools, see how to color grade RAW footage and, in general, make your images look better. Registration for my live events is always free. Sign up here.

However, my webinars are taking August off. I will be traveling during the month and prepping for a new school year. It made sense to take a break from the weekly presentations. Webinars will be back in September, but on a different day. Once I figure out which day that is I'll let you know.

That's about it for this week - as always, I love hearing from you. Stay cool this summer and take some time off. The fall will be busy. Chat with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
Last week, The Buzz looked at the current state of virtual reality. VR is expanding far beyond media and entertainment. In fact, VR is becoming increasingly popular in education and training. Tonight, we look at where VR is succeeding, as well as new ways to improve VR workflow and distribution.  
* Ryan Ritchey, VRonMac.com
* Nick Jushchyshyn, Drexel Univ.
* Sean Safreed, Pixvana 
* James Deruvo, DoddleNEWS 
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Media Management
for Video Editing
Figuring out how to plan, store, name, import and manage media is one of the harder challenges in video editing.  
In this session, Larry covers media management in both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X:
* Why codecs matter
* Planning storage needs 
* Media management in Premiere 
* Media management in FCP X  
* and much more.
Download your copy here.  
Color Correction and Grading in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Color correction and color grading is the final step in making our images look their best. In this session, Larry Jordan takes a closer look at the enhanced color tools in Final Cut Pro 10.4 and illustrates how to use them on your images.
* Learn the basics of color
* Analyze images using video scopes
* Learn automatic color correction
* Use new manual color tools to repair
   problems and create looks
* Use keyframes to modify color looks
» Apple Final Cut Pro X: Create & Edit Vertical Video (Tutorial)
   » This isn't hard, but the setup can be tricky.
» Apple Final Cut Pro X: Media Management (Video Tutorial)
   » A variety of techniques to simplify managing media during editing.

» Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Create & Use Search Bins ( Tutorial)
   » A dynamic and flexible way to organize clips in the Project pane.

» Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Media Management ( Video Tutorial)
   » A variety of techniques to simplify managing media during editing.
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

»  Configure a MacBook
   Pro to edit video

   The New Font Menu

» Configure an iMac
   Pro for video editing

» View tutorials here

» Apple Final Cut Pro X:

» 258: In-depth Tour
   of ff-Works

» 252: New Features in
   Premiere Pro CC

» 196: Color Correction
   in Final Cut Pro X

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» Steve Weiss: Top-grade
   camera monitors 
» Tommy Mack: FilmTools
   now sells cameras 
» Nick Jushchyshyn: VR
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