July 24, 2017

As you read this, I'm struggling to wake up in Beijing, China, at the start of a ten-day vacation. When asked, I tell people that it is an unparalleled opportunity to visit a part of the world I've never seen before. (But, between you and me, it's to visit a 4-year-old grand-daughter.)

So, this week, I only have a few new articles, but my lead story is worth reading. As you may know, Apple is replacing the venerable HFS+ file system that has been in every Mac since 1985 with a new file system, called "APFS," for "Apple File System."

Rolling out with the High Sierra update later this fall, this new file system has the possibility to usher in a host of changes. However, anytime someone wants to mess with my files, I get nervous.

So, this week, I did some research to learn more about what this new APFS is, what Apple is planning to do with it, and what changes we can expect as media creators. Read my article here.

Because of my taking some time off, webinars will return August 9th. And as soon as I figure out the subject I'll let you know.

I'm grateful for everyone that took the time to add comments to my blog: I'm Worried About the Future of Editing. With changes this big, it's important to discuss what's happening, what it means and what we need to do to get ready for it. If you missed the comments, take a second look.

Also, just so you don't worry, I'm not planning to publish a newsletter next week. Um, because I've been told that a vacation requires that I actually stop working.  Strange, but true!

Thinking of time well-spent, take some time to listen to last week's Digital Production Buzz - Bruce Logan's stories on the early days of creating visual effects are well worth your time, as are the other interviews.

In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!

We looked at the world of visual effects - from the early days of Star Wars to the latest in 360-degree VR effects;and very cool stuff in-between.

  * Michele Yamazaki, ToolFarm
  * Bruce Logan
  * Nancy Eperjesy, Mettle
  * Miguel Angel Doncel, SGO
* Ric Viers, Blastwave FX
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Michele presented current trends in visual effects, while Bruce looked back at "the early days" when he blew up the Death Star with a titanium bomb! Nancy talked 360-VR effects, Miguel showcased Mistika for high-end effects and Ric Viers explained how sound effects make your images better. Then, James presented our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.
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* Multicam shooting basics
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* Edit & trim multicam clips
* Effects and multicam clips

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Webinars Take A Break Till Aug. 9
Webinars are taking a summer break for staff vacations until August 9.

In the meantime, visit our store and check out more than 200 webinars covering Apple and Adobe software.

I know you'll find something there that catches your interest.

Webinars will return in a few weeks. 
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