July 3, 2017

This is the July 4 holiday in the US, a four-day celebration of winning our independence from the British more than 220 years ago. We mark this special event by charring steaks and hamburgers into near-unrecognizable black lumps on the grill, then blasting fireworks into the sky. It's a fun time, for some strange reason.

Thinking of fun things, I have seven new articles for you this week. Last week, I wrote several articles with tips on Final Cut, Compressor and Motion. This week, I return the favor with three articles filled with tips on Adobe Premiere, Audition and Media Encoder. I always enjoy writing these articles because it gives me a chance to think about the techniques I use to get my work done faster and easier.

Thinking of faster, the folks at OWC have loaned me two SSD systems for review. This week, I look at their Drive Dock. Next week, I'll have a review of their Thunderbay 4 Mini - an SSD-based RAID which I'm really looking forward to testing.

I also have a write-up about a "thumb drive on steroids" that can make any SneakerNet run faster.

At the beginning of the summer, I promised myself to learn two major new pieces of software. So far, while the summer is not yet over, I have yet to start learning them. This made me wonder where this "inertia to learn new things" was coming from. And from those reflections, I've written a blog. Constant learning is essential in today's media environment, but, as I get older I've discovered it gets harder. Not the learning, but working up the energy to start. I hope you'll find this an interesting read.

Oh!  After lots of discussion, we have finalized new education pricing for our Video Training Library. I'll make the formal announcement next week. However, if you are faculty at any high school, college or university and want to provide access to the more than 1,600 training movies in my online streaming Library for your students, drop me an email and I'll send you the details. We've had lots of requests for this over the years and I think we've finally figured out a system that works for everyone.

It may be the middle of the summer, but the Digital Production Buzz podcast is cranking out some fascinating shows. Last week, we covered a number of new tools for production. Check out the details below.

And, thinking of new tools, our webinar this week looks at three utilities that can simplify media management, regardless of whether you use Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro X. I'll provide demos of Final Cut Library Manager, Kyno, and KeyFlow Pro. I've written about all three of these, but they have all increased in power and flexibility, while maintaining very attractive prices. These are tools you need to know about. All our live webinars are free - please sign up here - and I'll see you on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I'm off to buy more charcoal and some fire-proof gloves. Until next week, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!

This week, The Buzz covered a variety of new technology - all revolving loosely around production. From VR to still photography to video and mobile editing, this week's show is a fascinating collection of new toys.

  * Tim Feess - Co-founder, Gnarbox
  * Bob Dawe - Alzheimer's Research
  * Bob Benson - Founder, 24 Shots
  * Erika Nortemann - VP, Tandem
  * Michael Rubin - YI Technology
  * James DeRuvo - DoddleNEWS

started by describing his new iPhone-sized computer for capturing, editing and sharing images. Then, Bob Dawe described how he was using motion capture software to spot Alzheimer's early. Bob Benson  created a wireless lens focus system, Erika talked about high-quality images, and Michael introduced their new 360° VR camera - and the impact of YouTube's new 180° VR format. And James presented our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.

Listen or read each full episode here.

Text transcripts provided by Take1.tv. Read the written transcript for this week's show here.

New shows air live every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM Los Angeles time.

Tune in live here.

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Last Week:
Maximize Storage Performance
Storage is at the heart of all media editing. In fact, its more important than your computer. This session answers these questions:

* What storage do we need?
* What is the impact of moving to 4K?
* What storage hardware is best?
* How to choose: SSD vs. hard disk
* When is a RAID necessary?
* What utilities do we need?

* How can I improve performance? 

Special Low Price!
Download the video here.
- or - The presentation slides here.
- or - Become a member of our Video Training Library and watch everything we've got - more than 1,600 movies!! 
This Week:
Media Management Tools
Our projects are not getting simpler.

Shooting ratios are skyrocketing. Audio is expanding into hundreds of clips spanning dozens of channels. And still images seem to breed like rabbits.

This session looks at new tools that can help with media management:

* KeyFlow Pro - Malgn
* Kyno - Lesspain
* Final Cut Library Manager - Arctic Whiteness

Whether you use Premiere or Final Cut, you'll find this session helpful!

Date: Wednesday, July 5.
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