NEWS - July 5, 2021
It's the Fourth of July weekend in the US, and there just ain't a lot happening. So, rather than struggle to find something new, I thought I'd write about, ah, how I write about stuff. Here are my thoughts on writing tech.

In the news...

One of the more interesting pieces of news this week was Seagate announcing a partnership with, along with a new approach to Cloud storage called "Lyve." Seagate, which is a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of storage technology (i.e hard drives and SSDs), wants to expand into the Cloud. My first question is: Why? And my second question is: What does Seagate offer that Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and a dozen other Cloud vendors don't? Here's my write-up.

I was honored recently to be invited to be guest on OWC Radio. The tables were turned, though, as the host was Cirina Catania, my long-time producer of the Digital Production Buzz. This time, I was answering questions, rather than asking them. It was a fun conversation. 

Competition to Photoshop is increasing. ACD Systems International (ACDSee) just released a free beta version of its upcoming Windows-based image editing software, Gemstone. This software, supporting a "Multi-Document Interface" (MDI) is an image editing tool with a layered editor and RAW support. ACDSee aims to gain community feedback before launching the product in the fall. 

Thinking of new technology reminds me of how we are knee-jerk conditioned to react to every new technology rumor. But, not all rumors turn into products and not all products actually interest the market. Here's an article I wrote a while back that looks at this phenomenon:

Vimeo has written a free guide on "How to embed videos: Tutorials for websites from WordPress to Wix. The guide is easy to read and helpful, especially if Vimeo is hosting your videos.

Last week's webinar looked at the "New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro (beta)." Adobe is embarking on a significant upgrade to the entire app. But, rather than do it all at once, they are staging the update. This first release updates import, export and tweaks the main interface. My webinar illustrates these changes along with how you can provide Adobe feedback on your reactions.

There's no webinar this week. I'll be back in two weeks with something new. Your ideas are always welcome - simply email me!

As we await Apple's latest operating systems, I'm reminded that we have been here before. In fact, every summer for the last decade is a waiting period for the "next best thing." It is easy to fall into the trap of "gotta have the latest OS." But, as media creators, we have a higher calling: deadlines. Let the college kids beta test the software. Let the rumor and blog sites wax rhapsodic about the coming new features. We gotta get work done. Don't even think about upgrading at this point. In fact:

Changing the whole complexion of the future is the slow switch to Apple silicon. This promises to change how we configure our computers. Except... that only the first, entry-level chip is released. Yes, I'm as anxious as anyone for the next round of chips and gear that use them. So, here's a tutorial the describes:

Finally, I get emails each week from editors worried whether they are getting a "perfect," future-proofed system for media editing. The search for perfect is a fool's errand. We don't need perfect, we need a computer system that helps us get our work done.

Summer is here in all its heat and bright sunlight. A time for many of us to finally, after an indescribable 18 months, get out and about. Enjoy your time in the sun. Work will start again soon.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
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