July 6, 2020

It's the July 4th holiday here in the US and industry news has dried up for the week. Things are very quiet... except:

I'm excited to announce that my latest book - Techniques of Visual Persuasion - will be released by New Riders on July 29! In today's remote-oriented, work-from-home world, clear, persuasive communication is more important than ever. People don't read, they skim. Persuasive images that attract, hold and motivate an audience are essential. To communicate clearly and effectively today, you need to consider how a message looks, as well as what a message says. This book is essential reading for anyone who needs to create change.

SAVE 35% if you order the book before it's released at the end of this month. (If you are curious, here's the Table of Contents.) Enter VisualPersuasion as the coupon code during checkout. The book is available in four formats: Printed, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. I am very proud of this book - I hope you enjoy it!

The other big news is that this Wednesday starts a new four-part webinar series on The Basics of Editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X. This in-depth series covers everything you need to know to successfully create professional-grade projects using Final Cut. Registration to my live events is always FREE. If you know someone who wants to learn Final Cut, or wants to improve their skills, this series is for them.

Last week, I wrapped up my series on learning Adobe Premiere Pro and, for those that missed it, I created a new bundle in my store. Download the entire four-hour series for only $49! Save 40% compared to buying each individual episode.

This week, I have three new articles, along with three video tutorials. The first article looks at a better way to manage media inside Final Cut using Storage Locations. This is a feature I've known about for a while, but didn't actively investigate until I wrote this tutorial.

Next, Apple added a new feature to the Finder that simplifies batch file renaming. It is surprisingly helpful and software agnostic. Finally, I have a tutorial on how to clean-up green-screen keys containing terrible lighting using Final Cut Pro X.

Turning to the new video tutorials, I illustrate how to use Premiere to work with the same badly-lit chroma key clip that I used in the Final Cut article to create clean keys. Then, two other tutorials on how to add and modify effects, as well as create variable speed clips in Premiere.

You'll find links to all of these in the Articles section below.

This week, good news seems in short supply. The voices of discord are getting louder, the virus rages essentially uncontrolled across much of the US, and the global economy is in a world of hurt. It's hard to feel cheerful. What I realized this week is that I can't fix the problems of the world. I can only fix those problems that I have control over. Think globally, act locally. Help people as best I can. Explain technology so that others can use it to improve their part of the world. Doing nothing is no longer an option - and reaching out always helps me feel better.

Please join me for this week's webinars. I'd enjoy your company. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and, until next week,
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» Final Cut Pro X: Why Consider Changing Storage Locations (Tutorial)
   » A useful compromise between storing files in the library and on your hard disk.

» Use the Mac Finder to Batch Rename Files (Tutorial)
   » A free utility built into the Finder is a fast way to rename and sequence files.

» Final Cut Pro X: How to Clean-up a Green-Screen Key (Tutorial)
   » The lighting is terrible, but you still gotta key it. Here's how.

» Premiere Pro: Create a Clean Key from Really Bad Footage (Video Tutorial)
   » Yup, lighting is still bad. How can you clean it up in Premiere?

» Premiere Pro: Add, Modify and Mask Effects (Video Tutorial)
   » How to add effects for folks that are new to Premiere.

» Premiere Pro: How to Create Variable-Speed Clips (Video Tutorial)
   » How to create clips that change speed during playback.

» Thoughts on New Macs with Apple Silicon ( Commentary)
   » Apple announced all-new CPUs. Here are my thoughts.
The Basics of Editing
in Adobe Premiere Pro
The Basics of Editing
in Apple Final Cut Pro X - Pt. 1
A bundle of the whole 4-part series!
* Get Started
* Import & Review
* Edit & Trim
* Audio & Titles
* Effects
* Export

Everything you need - all in one place.

Part 1 in our series: Get Started:
* Workflow
* Media Mgmt.
* The interface
* Import & organize
Every Wednesday.

Everything you need - all in one place.

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»  Create & Edit  Vertical Video in FCP X

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