June 1, 2020

Happy June! May the next three months be better than the last three!  This week we have news, commentary and tutorials galore! Let's start with the news.

Apple released the 10.15.5 update for macOS Catalina. This fixes the bug that prevented large files from transferring to external RAIDs. (However, the folks at Bombich software say there may be a problem with creating bootable backup disks.) I found 10.15.4 to be unusable for video editing, so I'm REALLY glad for the update. If you are running 10.15.4, please update. ( System Preferences > Software Update)

EditShare announced the new Flow panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. This seamlessly connects editing workflows into a wider media ecosystem with deep metadata tracking and workflow automation to simplify storytelling. EditShare's EFS open storage solution enhances collaborative editing with full support for project-locking for Productions in Premiere Pro.

Accusonus released Mauvio, for iPhone and iPad, that improves mobile video audio to make your content sound more professional. It can be used in parallel with any video editor/app and includes four filters: De-noise, Balance, Enhance and Volume.

The team at DejaSoft launched version 3 of DejaEdit. This enables Avid editors to work together from any location by ensuring that media and bins are copied securely and in the background, between each remote editing station or Nexus / EditShare storage system. Version 3 includes enhanced folders, upgraded bin sharing, improved security and integration of Amazon S3 cloud storage.

Image Chest, an image database from Armpit Studios that I like a lot - and used extensively for my book - was recently updated to improve search, keywords, add more note fields, faster image rendering and better keyboard shortcuts.

In my news, last week's webinar on "Using HDR Media in Final Cut Pro X" was well received. Lots of folks tuned in, with excellent questions. You'll find excerpts in the articles section below. The full webinar is available in my Store and Library.

Next week, June 10, I'm starting a multi-part series on editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. (That will be followed in July with a similar series for Apple Final Cut Pro X.) Registration for my live events is always free - signups will be available in next week's newsletter. I'll have more news on this next week.

Last week, I invited you to contribute your thoughts on how our industry restarts after the shelter-in-place orders lift. Several editors responded, but not enough to turn their comments into an article. Please email me your thoughts here.

At the same time, I reached out to Mark Harrison, managing director of DPP, which is a media business network based in London. I asked for his thoughts on how we will emerge from this pandemic and I found his ideas FASCINATING! It's my lead story this week and I strongly encourage you to read it! 

In other articles, I have a tutorial on new features in the latest release of Premiere, how to set up dual monitors in Final Cut, and several video tutorials on using HDR media in Final Cut.

Finally, after many months, we are starting to come out of our homes - into a radically changed world. From protests to pandemics, these are not easy times. It would be great to go back to "the way things were." But that is not the reality we live in. Our goal, today, is to find ways to make our world better; in spite of the obstacles. There are already far too many people trying to make it worse.

No webinar this week, I'm planning my series on Premiere. As always, I'm here if you have questions. Stay safe, stay healthy and, until next Monday ,   edit well
» Thoughts on Restarting the Media Industry ( Interview)
     » An outstanding interview with Mark Harrison, managing director of DPP

» Backgrounder: What is HDR Color Space? (Video explainer)
    » An illustration of different video color spaces for SDR and HDR

» Premiere Pro 2020: Two New Features (Tutorial)
    » Two useful, but lesser known, features in last week's update

» FCP X: How to Color Grade ProRes RAW Media (Video Tutorial)
    » Display and grade ProRes RAW, along with using Balance Color with HDR media

» FCP X: How to Setup Dual Computer Monitors (Video Tutorial)
    » Configure two computer monitors, enable range checking & HDR Tone-mapping
» FCP X: How to Color Grade Panasonic LOG Media ( Video Tutorial)
    » Grade Log files in SDR and HDR projects, plus how to use HDR Tools.
HDR Media in 
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Coming Next Week:
Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro 
HDR is the same as regular media - until the color grade.
* Key concepts
* Monitoring HDR
* Color-grade HDR
* Tone-mapping -- 
   use HDR & SDR 

Everything you need - all in one place.

A multi-part in-depth series:
* New features
* Media mgmt.
* Editing & trimming
* Effects
* Output and

Everything you need - all in one place.

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»  Create & Edit  Vertical Video in FCP X

» Pick the Right Version of ProRes

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