June 17, 2019

Interesting news, a contest, the Mac Pro makes more headlines and I have three new articles this week. Summer may almost be upon us, but there's still a lot going on. Let's start with running your business.

I was reading the June 14 issue of Inc. magazine, which quoted an email memo from Elon Musk to his employees on how to improve business efficiency and communication. Since we work with teams all the time, I found his eleven points to be clear, focused and very helpful. I wrote them up as my lead story this week and I encourage you to read them. Here's the link.

Turning to the news, the folks at MobileMovieMaking.com have a new contest running on Instagram. The challenge is to use a smartphone or other mobile device to shoot a short video - 60 seconds or less-featuring one or more close-ups. The close-up or close-ups must play a key role in the movie. They asked me to contribute a prize for the winners. Since everyone needs to start somewhere, I was intrigued by both the challenge and the rules - which are clearly geared to first-time filmmakers. If you know someone who needs something to do this summer, here's the link.

Thinking of helpful information, the team at Pond5 created an article describing how to export projects for social media; specifically YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Here's the link. If you are in the habit of using presets, this is a nice refresher in what those presets are doing.

A week ago, Corey Nord, from Trint, contacted me about a big announcement that Trint was making last week about AI. I went looking on their website and, as far as I can tell, they didn't make it. But what I DID discover was an interesting interview with their CEO, Jeff Kofman, about automatic speech-to-text transcription, the role of AI and the impact on news and editorial jobs. This takes about five minutes to read and I found it both approachable and fascinating. His company specializes in speech-to-text and what I found refreshing was his balanced approach to what works, what doesn't and why it won't impact jobs the way some people predict. Here's the link.

Thinking about news, I've been getting a lot of questions about the 2019 Mac Pro. (Smile... it's hard saying the "new Mac Pro" because that's what we called the 2013 version. And the "new, NEW Mac Pro" starts to get a bit ridiculous. So, I think I'll just call it the "2019 Mac Pro.") People are asking how I would configure it for video editing. At the moment, all we have is the announcement, the unit won't ship until "the fall" and pricing is still missing. I've reached out to Apple  for a briefing on the new unit when pricing becomes available and I'll write up what I learn then. My guess is that we should know more by mid-August.

I have a fascinating new webinar this week: Introduction to 360/VR. I was able to borrow a Vuze+ VR camera for the summer and I've spent the last two weeks playing with it. While I am not yet ready to use it for telling stories, I've put together a webinar this week that explains what VR is, the differences between VR and traditional filmmaking, what I've learned using this camera and how to edit VR in both Premiere and Final Cut Pro X. The past two weeks have been a fascinating learning experience and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. My live webinars are always FREE - this Thursday, June 20, at 9 AM. (We are back to our traditional start time.) Register here.

In addition to the business thoughts of Elon Musk, I have two other new articles this week: one is a product review of Reflector 3, a utility which displays an iOS device screen live to your computer. I'm using the software in this week's webinar. My other story came from Richard who wanted to learn more about how to create, modify and save templates in Motion to simplify creating animated titles for multiple shows.

Just a reminder, Catalina, the next version of the macOS, will be the first version that does not support 32-bit applications and some older media codecs. Please take time to review any older applications and media that you currently rely on and plan what you want to do. There's no advantage to being the first to upgrade to a new OS if the apps you rely on no longer work. My article is below.

As always, I look forward to chatting with you next week. Please register for this week's webinar. In the meantime, edit well.

Illustrating Visual Literacy
Our world is driven by images & video. But what do these images mean and how can you create effective images?
Discover the world of visual literacy - the techniques behind compelling images. This session covers:

* Looking at image content
* Blocking actors and cameras
* The impact camera position
* The emotions of camera framing
* "Balancing" a shot
* The emotional context of an image

  Download your copy here. 
Introducing 360/VR
360/VR is the version most approachable to filmmakers. It won't replace film, but it can create amazing experiences. 
In this session, discover

* Benefits & limitations of VR
* How to configure your system
* VR media management
* Production tips and techniques
* Processing 360/VR
* Editing in Premiere & FCP X
I'll illustrate using a Vuze camera. 
Registration is FREE! Sign up here.  
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