NEWS - June 14, 2021
Last week was Apple's annual WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC). Targeted at developers, it presented the next generation of each of Apple's operating systems: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS. As media creators we are somewhat outside the scope of this event - we use the products developers create. Still, my thoughts on WWDC are my lead story.

While WWDC was making all the noise last week, there is other news:

Adobe released new M1-optimized versions of three more applications, but, more importantly, they presented an in-depth report showcasing just how MUCH faster M1 applications are when compared to the Intel versions. The results are stunning.

NDI Tools announced version 5. This utility provides NDI output from Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, including M1 Macs. NDI is a big deal because it allows us to send high-quality video across the Internet - not for streaming but for production and post. NDI Tools 5 also supports WAN bridging.

Over the last couple months I've chatted with Vitaliy Vashchenko, the lead developer of Media Sync Tool. By utilizing jam-synced SMPTE timecode and metadata from source media, this utility automates the syncing process for multiple clips almost completely. Designed for Final Cut, this syncs any number of clips at once. Available through the Mac App Store. 7 day free trial is available.

The Creativity Conference returns Aug. 4-6. This entire three day conference, focused on creativity, is free to all. Currently, over 50 inspirational creative speakers will be presenting. (I'm delighted to be one of them!) Rejuvenate your creativity - register today.

One of the harder concepts to explain to folks is why scaling images looks so awful so often. It all comes down to bitmaps and pixels. This tutorial arose from a conversation with a reader about DPI and why they weren't getting the results they expected. It took me several hours to figure out the best way to explain and illustrate this.

This week's webinar revisits a topic I haven't presented since 2017 - "The Power and Emotion of Fonts." Fonts are the easiest way to telegraph an emotion - and they don't require any design skills from us. In this webinar, I look at the different emotions typefaces project, how to pick the right font for your project and techniques to working with fonts effectively in video. Registration is FRE!.

I have been searching for years for a mic mute switch. You'd think they'd be easy to find - and they are, if you have an audio mixer. But most stand-alone mute switches only work with dynamic mics. Which means if you use a condenser mic, which requires phantom power, you get a LOUD pop every time the switch is pushed. However, I may, finally, have found what I'm looking for. Here's a review.

I'm back to walking - well, hobbling is closer to the truth. But, taking steps on my own, which is really nice. Several months, I'm told, before I'm back to "normal." Still, progress. I was reflecting this morning that my leg parallels our industry. We are moving, albeit slowly, and gradually getting back to speed. But, we have many months to go before business returns to "normal." Still, this month is better than last - and next month will be better yet.

Stay safe and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
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