June 18, 2018

This week, I have an in-depth look at new software we can use for compressing our media, along with articles on the Mac Color Picker and Roles in Final Cut Pro X.

Before we get there, though, some notes that came in over the past week. Cinedeck has created a new version of ProRes called ProRes PAD. This allows us to make insert edits into an existing ProRes file without messing everything up.

If you need to quickly modify an existing movie in a hurry, this is worth considering. Learn more about ProRes PAD here.  As well, Cinedeck has released a free utility to convert ProRes movies from standard ProRes to ProRes PAD and back. Learn more here.

Oliver Breidenback, CEO at Boinx Software, sent me a note announcing PhotoPresenter. Designed for iOS, it allows for ad-hoc photo presentations, where the audience is not supposed to see all of the photo library, just the ones you want them to see. You can easily browse your photo library and select the photo or video you want to appear on a secondary screen attached via HDMI adaptor or AirPlay. PhotoPresenter contains a set of tools for highlighting parts of the photo, like a spotlight effect or a laser pointer and allows the user to customize the look of the screen if no particular photo is selected. Learn more here.

Our webinar this week will be an in-depth tour of ff-Works, a new compression tool providing outstanding image quality with the power and flexibility required by power users. If you are interested in making your videos look as good as they can, this session will be worth watching. You can use ff-Works regardless of what software you use for video or audio editing. Registration to our live events is always free. Sign-up here.

We had a very interesting episode of the Digital Production Buzz last week. In three extended interviews, we covered the basics of equipment financing and why this is a better option for buying gear than a bank. Then, we had two interviews looking at the current state of VR, where the money is, what tools are available and examples of where VR is working today - including a VR trip to the International Space Station. Listen to the show here.

Our video tutorials look at Roles in Final Cut Pro X. If you've considered using Roles, but haven't been able to figure them out, these two articles will help. The first shows how to create them, while the second shows how to apply them in the Timeline. Both of these are excerpts from last week's webinar, which covers everything you need to know about Roles. Download the entire webinar here.

That's it for this week. As always, I'm always interested in your comments. Chat with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
This week we take a deeper look at two subjects: more affordable ways to finance our gear and the current state of VR tools, cameras and business. 
Plus, we take a special VR trip to the International Space Station.
* Barbara Griffith, SCL Financing
* Aden Bahadori, Torus Media Tools
* Jim Malcolm, HumanEyes 
* James Deruvo, DoddleNEWS 
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Using Roles in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Roles are a very powerful, but little understood feature in Apple Final Cut Pro X.  
They can help organize our clips, apply captions in multiple languages, mix audio and clean up the Timeline.
Learn how Roles can help to: 
* Organize clips in a project
* Determine Timeline clip visibility
* Access titles in multiple languages
* Organize and group audio clips
* Create audio stems
* Export multi-track audio 
Download your copy here

Guided Tour of ff-Works

ff-Works harnesses the power of ffMPEG to create stunning video compression images.  
In this week's webinar, Larry Jordan takes you on a guided tour to key elements of the software. Discover how to:
* Use the application interface
* Import media
* Access and modify presets
* Automated watch folders
* Add a watermark and other filters 
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» A Better Way To Select a Color (Tutorial)
   » Choose colors in the Mac Color Picker using sliders or numeric values. 
» Apple Final Cut Pro X: Create and Modify Roles (Video Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on what Roles are and how to create them.

» Apple Final Cut Pro X: Organize the Timeline with Roles ( Video Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on how to use Roles to organize and display clips.  
» Product Review: Better Video Compression with ff-Works (Product Review)
   » ff-Works creates great-looking compressed images. Here's how it works. 
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   Improve Clarity
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   New Font Menu

» Configure an iMac
   Pro for video editing

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   10.4 Complete

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» 253: Closed Captions
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