June 19, 2017

As I walked into my local Apple Store last week, one of the sales reps came up and said: "You know, I watch you all the time and your webinar last week on storage was one of your best ever! None of our customers understand this stuff!" I'm really grateful when folks enjoy our webinars - regardless of where they work.

I've written about storage a lot - including in this issue - and I've learned that very few people understand what's going on "under the hood." So, in last week's webinar, I consolidated everything video editors need to know to successfully pick the right storage for their projects, avoid wasting money, and make their editing system fly.  Because this is a critically important subject for all of us, we've released both the slides from this presentation and the webinar video itself at significantly reduced prices. (I would have made these free, but, frankly, we still need to pay the rent.)

I strongly recommend you watch these. You'll learn a lot and finally understand the direct relationship between your storage and the performance of your editing system; especially as you move into higher resolutions and HDR.

In other news, Adobe released a new version of Premiere Pro CC that fixes a critical bug in their Media Cache database that was erasing data. Read my blog, then, if you haven't upgraded, be sure to do so.

Thinking of media, our webinars are taking two weeks off - I have some traveling to do and won't be able to host them - but, when we return, I'll be talking about media management software that can help track all the assets related to your productions. Most of these work with both Premiere and Final Cut. Our live webinars are free - click here to sign up.

Last week's Digital Production Buzz looked at collaboration for both musicians and video editors. We talked with folks from ProTools, Wipster, Lumaforge, Melosity, and Qwire Music. It is a show you should definitely listen to - click here.

Rollo Wenlock is the CEO of Wipster. Because he is based in New Zealand, which has a 16-hour time shift from LA, we pre-taped his Buzz interview. After the interview was done, Rollo and I continued chatting. He has some very intriguing thoughts on the impact social media is having on media production. He calls it "The Low-Resolution Revolution." It's my lead story this week, because social media presents major challenges for all of us going forward. I find his thoughts both intriguing and scary.

Also, a popular request is for tutorials on working with 4K media. I've always downplayed these requests because editing 4K is just like editing HD - except, while the editing is the same, the workflow and storage issues are not. After researching my webinar on storage, I looked again at the workflow behind high-resolution media and realized that there was a lot we can talk about. So, this became my third article this week - read it here.

As always, I'm interested in your opinions. Note: webinars return July 5. In the meantime, edit well. 

Last Week On The Buzz!

The Buzz discussed collaboration. What it is and how it works. We looked at new technology enabling collaboration for both video editors and musicians, along with thoughts on what prevents collaboration from working more smoothly.

  * Tony Cariddi - ProTools
  * Rollo Wenlock - Wipster
  * Sam Mestman - Lumaforge
  * Jennifer Jesperson - Qwire Music
  * Rory O'Farrell - Melosity
  * James DeRuvo - DoddleNEWS

jump starts our discussion with how ProTools enables collaboration for musicians. Then, Rollo explains how Wipster allows media groups to work faster, Sam talks about shared storage to speed collaboration, Jennifer has a shared music rights database, and Rory has invented a new Cloud-based music collaboration tool.  As always, James has the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Last Week:
Maximize Storage Performance
Storage is at the heart of all media editing. In fact, its more important than your computer. This session answers these questions:

* What storage do we need?
* What is the impact of moving to 4K?
* What storage hardware is best?
* How to choose: SSD vs. hard disk
* When is a RAID necessary?
* What utilities do we need?

* How can I improve performance? 

Special Low Price!
Download the video here.
- or - The presentation slides here.
- or - Become a member of our Video Training Library and watch everything we've got - more than 1,600 movies!! 
July 5:
Media Management Tools
Our projects are not getting simpler.

Shooting ratios are skyrocketing. Audio is expanding into hundreds of clips spanning dozens of channels. And still images seem to breed like rabbits.

This session looks at new tools that can help with media management:

* Key Flow Pro - Malgn
* Kyno - Lesspain
* Final Cut Library Manager - Arctic Whiteness

NOTE: Let me know if there is other media management software you want me to cover.

Date: Wednesday, July 5.
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