NEWS - June 21, 2021
The big news this week was that Apple released new versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion & Compressor. My lead story is a complete list of what's new.

I have articles illustrating these new features in Tutorials & Reviews below.

Turning to the news:

CineGear returns to in-person events this fall, announcing their new schedule of Sept. 23-26, 2021. Attendee registration will start soon-ish. Their goal, as always, is to bring filmmakers, exhibitors, partners and industry members together in-person for networking, educational programming, screenings, and exhibits. 

SonnetTech announced DuoModo, their new line of professional, modular Thunderbolt expansion systems for the desktop or rack installation. The DuoModo line is comprised of three interchangeable expansion modules — a three-slot PCIe card system, an eGPU card system, and a Mac mini mounting system with integrated 40Gbps Thunderbolt storage dock.

FXFactory announced a special PremiumVFX 4th Anniversary Bundle. Featuring all 56 Premium VFX products in their catalog at a 65% discount. (Available exclusively for Final Cut Pro.)

Apple released a free media tool at WWDC, specifically designed for media folks creating HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) versions of their media. Called the Advanced Video Quality Tool (AVQT), it's available at Apple's developer website. (Developer registration is free.) That's the good news. However, this software utility can only be accessed via the command line in Terminal. So, if you have both media and programming skills, this is worth exploring. I avoid the command line, so I haven't tried it.

Recently, the folks at SoundStripe asked if they could contribute an article to this week's newsletter. I was intrigued and said yes. In this guest blog, Drew Gula, from, explores the balance between digital media and a film look.

Last week's webinar showing how to "Unlock the Power and Emotion in Fonts" was well attended - and the good news is that these ideas apply regardless of whether you use Premiere, Final Cut, Photoshop or, even, Mac or Windows. Fonts are fonts and this webinar can help you make your projects look better with a bigger impact on your audience. 

This week's webinar showcases the New Features in Final Cut & Compressor. (Motion was updated but only received bug fixes, so there's nothing new to demo.) This week we explore the cool new stuff in detail and see how we can fit it into our project workflow. As always, registration to my live events is free.

I also have three excerpts from last week's webinar illustrating how to improve your font design, improve how fonts look on screen and traps to avoid when working with fonts. You'll find all three in the Tutorials & Reviews section below.

With the new updates from Apple, I have three new articles illustrating how some of these features work:

There's an exciting week coming up - I'm looking forward to sharing more cool news with you next week. For now, stay safe, stay healthy and edit well.
» Apple Updates Final Cut, Motion & Compressor (News)
» The complete list of new features.

» New! Quickly Find Missing Media in Final Cut (Tutorial)
» FCP warns us it was missing - now we can actually find it.

» New! Custom Browser Column Sets in FCP (Tutorial)
» Finally, a way to organize and customize Browser columns.

» New! Use Compressor to Reframe Video (Tutorial)
» A fast way to convert horizontal video to vertical or square

» Avoid Common Font Traps to Improve Readability (Video Tutorial)
» Improve font readability and your overall design.

» Tips to Help You Make Better Font Choices (Video Tutorial)
» Things to consider when picking fonts for your next project.

» Three Quick Adjustments Improve the Look of Text (Video Tutorial)
» A Photoshop demo on line spacing, tracking and kerning

» The Balance Between Film & Digital Filmmaking (Guest Editorial)
» We love the look of film but committed to digital. Drew Gula has an idea.
New Features in Final Cut Pro & Compressor
* Explore everything new in Final Cut Pro 10.5.3
* Then, check out the new goodies in Compressor 4.4.3
* With time for questions at the end

Everything you need - all in one place!
Unlock the Power and Emotion in Fonts

* How to pick fonts for emotional response
* The differences between font families
* Examples of bad typography
* Examples of good and bad font formatting and use

Everything you need - all in one place!
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