June 22, 2020

The WWDC 2020 keynote starts a few hours after this newsletter is released. I'm looking forward to it. Based on what I'm hearing from Apple and the web, it should be an exciting - perhaps even watershed - event. I'll share my thoughts on it in next week's newsletter. (You can watch it streamed live from Apple's website.)

There's other news this week: Adobe updated all their Creative Cloud applications. It's my lead story this week. While the bulk of new features focused on Photoshop, the audio/video apps Premiere, Audition and After Effects received bug fixes and performance improvements.

Link:  Adobe Updates

AJA released a firmware upgrade for the  Ki Pro GO v2.0 digital video recorder. The update provides improved H.264 recording quality and expanded timecode options, enhanced super out and front panel audio monitoring, in-system formatting and network file download. Ki Pro GO v2.0 adds 10-bit and 4:2:2 color space options, and expands timecode capabilities with new LTC available via an analog audio input.

As well, AJA updated the DataCalc utility. This very useful free iPhone/iPad app calculates storage requirements before you even start a job to make sure you have enough storage capacity available.

Object Matrix announced it now supports the recently launched Adobe Productions workflow for Adobe Premiere Pro. MatrixStore, together with Vision, allows media companies to keep content secure and protected, whilst ensuring easy access and discoverability at all times. It also provides scale, security and future proof access to both content and metadata.

Thinking of Adobe, my webinar series: " The Basics of Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro" continues this week with a detailed look at audio, transitions and text. (Past episodes are available in my store and in my Video Training Library.) Each session is filled with useful tips and techniques and, as always, my live webinars are free

A frequent request during these last few weeks is for guidance on how to create a video wall for performance videos. These videos are not simple to create, so, this week, I created a step-by-step tutorial from planning to final output. Along the way, I discovered a very useful plug-in from FX Factory that makes creating and using videos in a grid extremely easy. Video walls are a great way for editors to make money and stay busy during these isolating times.

As well, I have a follow-up tutorial on how to create and use proxy media in Final Cut. For Premiere editors, I have three tutorials: how to review and mark clips, how to create three advanced edits, and different techniques to organize the timeline. You'll find all of these in the Articles section below.

As we start to emerge from stay-at-home orders and try to restart our lives and businesses, please remember that, while we may be "done" with the virus, it is not yet done with us. Stay safe, stay healthy. And, until next week,   edit well
» June, 2020: Adobe Updates Everything, Again ( News)
    » A summary of what's new in Adobe's Creative Cloud video applications.

» Create a Performance Video Wall in Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
    » A step-by-step guide on how to plan, create and edit these things.

» Quickly Transfer Photos and Video Using Image Capture on a Mac (Tutorial)
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» Premiere Pro: Use the Source Monitor to Review & Mark Clips (Video Tutorial)
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» Premiere Pro: Create 3-point, Back-time & Replace Edits (Video Tutorial)
    » These three advanced edits can bail you out of tricky situations.

» Premiere Pro: Tips to Organize Clips in the Timeline (Video Tutorial)
    » See how to select, organize, move, copy, and delete timeline clips.

» Final Cut Pro X: Create and Use Proxy Files (Tutorial)
    » Proxy files simplify working with video files. Here's how to use them.
The Basics of Editing
in Adobe Premiere Pro - #2
The Basics of Editing
in Adobe Premiere Pro - #3
Part 2 in our series:
Edit & Trim - 
* Source Monitor
* Review clips
* Mark and Edit
* Organize timeline
* Trim edit points
The heart of an edit.

Everything you need - all in one place.

Part 3 in our series:
Audio, Text, and Transitions
* Set levels
* Add audio effects
* Audio mix projects
* Add titles
* Modify transitions

Everything you need - all in one place.

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