NEWS - June 28, 2021
Last week, Apple released new versions of Final Cut, Motion and Compressor. Not to be outdone, this week Adobe released a significant new beta version of Premiere Pro. The beta version marks the start of a major redesign of the entire application. Though, unlike Apple, Adobe is making the transition as a series of smaller steps, without losing compatibility with past projects. It's my lead story.

MovieLabs (founded in 2006 by Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Warner Bros) published their 2030 Vision for the Evolution of Media Creation in 2019. It has since become the gold standard that businesses, studios and sectors worldwide look to when developing technology goals and infrastructure. If you haven't read it, now is a good time.

Thinking of the Evolution of Media report, Foundry spoke to MovieLabs for insight into the outlook, pace and direction of their 2030 Vision amidst an unprecedented global pandemic that uprooted traditional workflows, media creation and production pipelines. Here's their update.

IBC opened registration for IBC 2021, which will take place Dec. 3-6, 2021, in Amsterdam. The show will be both in-person and online with a focus on "bringing the industry back together again."

SmallHD announced the Cine13, the "most agile 4K production monitor we’ve ever built. With a rugged, yet sleek design, this powerful field display can fit into any production scenario." It combines a 4K HDR post-production viewing experience with the rugged construction needed for physical production environments.

Trivia for writers everywhere: On June 23, 1868, the Sholes and Glidden typewriter was patented; it uses the QWERTY keyboard, which is still the most popular keyboard layout in the world.

I'm delighted to announce I've been asked to present for the opening session of The Creativity Conference on August 4. My subject is: "Improve the Effectiveness of Presentations and Pitches." The event is on-line and registration is free. (You'll find me in the "Literature" section.)

This week's webinar looks at New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro (beta). There are two biggies: Import and Export, plus a new direction for the interface. Tune in to see what's new. As always, registration to my live events is free.

Last week's webinar - New Features in Apple Compressor and Final Cut Pro - was fun to present. While Motion only got bug fixes, Final Cut received several new features and Compressor got several features, most of which are unique to the app and very worth knowing. If you are a member of our Video Training Library, make a point to watch this as soon as you can.

I have three excerpts from last week's webinar which highlight some of these new features. The one I was most impressed with was the ability to remove metadata from compressed movies. Final Cut and Compressor both embed metadata into your movies, indicating who created them, along with a variety of other labels. Most of the time, this information is OK. But, sometimes, you need security and/or privacy. For the first time, you can now prevent these invisible labels from being embedded. Here's the link to learn how this works. (The other excerpts are in the Tutorials & Reviews section below.)

My other tutorial looks at the Expanded Search in Final Cut Pro. I've written around this - but not about it. Using the Search Filter searches across all the media in your project almost instantly. If you are struggling to find stuff, this tool can make a major difference in your life.

Summer arrived on June 20, then, here in California, immediately got aggressive with temperatures spiking well over 100°. Sigh, that's just really HOT! It's cool to create hot programs, but not cool to be hot. Unless you are hot. But most of us are not. Hot. So confusing.

Until next Monday, stay safe and edit well.
» New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro (beta) - Tutorial
» New app features improved import, export and interface.

» Find EXACTLY the Media You Need in Final Cut - Tutorial
» An in-depth look at the Search Filter enhanced search in FCP.

» Compressor: Control Metadata to Preserve Privacy - Video Tutorial
» By default, video stores lots of metadata - here's how to tame it.

» Compressor: Use Color Indexing to Reduce File Size - Video Tutorial
» This techniques vastly shrinks graphical animation using color indexing.

» Final Cut Pro: Find Missing Media with New Search - Video Tutorial
» Find missing media is a new feature in the 10.5.3 update. Here's how it works.
New Features in Premiere Pro (beta)
Adobe is starting a major redesign of the application. This week, discover where they are heading.
* Explore the new import interface
* Discover how the new export speeds delivering projects
* See how they are changing the interface.

Everything you need - all in one place!
New Features in Final Cut Pro & Compressor

* Explore everything new in Final Cut Pro 10.5.3
* Then, check out the new goodies in Compressor 4.4.3

Everything you need - all in one place!
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