June 4, 2018

The Digital Production Buzz had a fascinating show last week: Women in Media. You only need to see who's attending NAB or working crew on any film set, to realize that women are under-represented in our industry. The bigger question is why? And what do we need to do about it?

Last week, we talked with five female industry leaders and, as you'll discover, there are many causes and a variety of suggestions on how to fix this imbalance. I strongly encourage you to listen to the show - it was a involving series of conversations. Here's the link.

CineGear was held last week at the Paramount Studios in Culver City, CA. Sigh... How can you not get excited seeing all the wildly bizarre gear we use in production? Just walking around the lot made me want to get back into production - with or without a script - just to play with the gear.

So many toys. I was pleased to see the crowds of people visiting booths. There are many challenges to our industry, but there is still an underlying passion for cool gear. Well, and telling stories. But CineGear is for the geek that lurks inside all of us.

Thinking of "geekness," there's a new website for measuring Internet access speeds: Compari.tech/speed/. Joel Stephens, who works for them, wrote me to say: "We donate $0.01 for each user that runs a test with funds raised going to Computers 4 Africa and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Billions of speed tests are run annually. If just 1% used our speed test we could raise millions for charity."

When I asked him to describe their website, he wrote: "Our mission is to help consumers make more savvy decisions when they subscribe to tech services such as VPNs, antivirus and security products, cloud backup, password managers and more. First and foremost we are a pro-consumer website providing information, tools and comparison to help consumers in the US, UK and further afield to research and compare tech services. The Comparitech.com brand and website is owned and operated by UK-based Comparitech Limited." Clearly, they have an agenda, but it's a good cause.

WWDC 2018 Today, in fact, celebrates being a geek, or, perhaps more accurately, a developer. It's time for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. There are lots of rumors about what they will announce, but I'm always much more interested in what they actually do announce. I don't expect anything related to video or media (the world of developers is much bigger than our small slice of the market), but I am curious to see how Apple views the future.

To give you something to do while waiting for the keynote, I have three new articles for you this week: two tutorials on Apple Compressor and an in-depth product review of the new Drobo 5D3 direct-attached RAID. Drobo marches to the beat of its own drummer and this product is no exception. It's worth learning about.

Green-screen My webinar this week is a two-fer - green-screen keys in both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X. I'll show you how these work, how to optimize your settings, and allow you to compare the two packages to see which one works the best for your projects. Registration to our live events is always free; sign up here.

Well, I'm looking forward to spending the week thinking about robotic cameras, DMX-controlled LED walls and more cool camera attachments than I can count. See you at the webinar on Wednesday, then chat with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.  

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Tonight, we talk with women about the challenges and opportunities to working in media. How to succeed in a male-dominated industry, the importance of mentors and advice to women trying to grow their careers.

This is a really powerful discussion. 
* Tuesday McGowan 
* Erin Sarofsky
* Leandra Dichirico
* Phoenix Gonzalez
* Carrie Wooten 
* James Deruvo, DoddleNEWS 
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Advanced Techniques in
Apple Compressor
Apple Compressor is a powerful program for compressing media files. Most of the time, you can get by with a few presets.
But not always.  
This week, I'll show you how to use:
* Working with image sequences 
* Cropping and padding frames 
* Job chaining
* Frame rate conversion
* MXF and HEVC compression
* HTTP Live Streaming compression
* And more 
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
Green-Screen Effects in Premiere Pro CC & Final Cut Pro X
Green-screen effects, also called "chroma-key effects," allow us to easily insert an actor, or any other object, into a different background.  But, how?
Watch as I show how to create green-screen effects using: 
* Video monitors
* Silhouettes
* Two different colors
* Garbage mattes
* Premiere Pro CC
* Final Cut Pro X

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