June 5, 2017

This issue releases just about five hours before Apple's annual World-wide Developer Conference (WWDC). I have no idea what they are announcing, so I'll be watching it along with you to see what's new.

I don't expect any video-related announcements at the event. In fact, I contacted ten different developers who create video apps and none of them are going. WWDC is not an event that focuses on high-end media folks. Still, I expect there will some news - hopefully hardware - that we can chat about. I'll post any news I find significant to my blog later on Monday

NOTE: My blog is a separate section on my website. This is where I publish my commentaries. Take a look - there's lots of stuff here that isn't a tutorial.

Last week's article on the current mess in storage, prompted a very interesting conversation with Rony Sebok, VP for 1 Beyond. She pointed out that Cloud-based storage sounds like a great idea, until you run the numbers. So, this week, I asked Rony to expand her thoughts. You'll find it as our lead article this week.

Recently, I've been getting a lot of questions on shared storage, so, this week, I also wrote a blog that goes into the basics of shared storage and explains the key issues you need to think about. (And thanks, Dakota, for the suggestion!) Here's the link.

There are two transitions - one in Final Cut the other in Premiere - that just drive me NUTS! Worse, they are dangerous. I wrote an article about them: "Making the Best of a Bad Transition." You are welcome to disagree.

I got a lot of good feedback from last week's webinar on how to create simple effects using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. So, this week, I'm doing the same thing for Final Cut Pro X.  If you have a friend who's learning Final Cut, and are getting tired of answering their questions - or, if you want to refresh yourself on the fundamentals - this is a great session. As always, registration to our live events is FREE. Sign up here.

Thinking about last week's webinar, I have two video excerpts from it. Adobe made changes to how images are resized. Also, I highlight the differences between creating still frames and hold frames - and provide suggestions on which one to pick for your project. Both are below.

HDR continues in the news and last week, Ars Technica ran an article on new software that allows us to convert any SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) image into HDR. I found it very interesting - here's the link.

The Digital Production Buzz just keeps getting more interesting. Last week, we looked at a variety of ways to do things "better." From new gear to new ways of working. I was especially impressed with John DeBevoise's comments on better ways to run a creative business. Take a listen here.

Well, its about time to grab some popcorn and watch the Apple keynote. Then, we'll spend the rest of this week figuring out what it all means. I look forward to chatting with you next week, in the meantime, edit well. 

Last Week On The Buzz!

Tonight, we look at a variety of ways to do things better. From running your business better, to buying better gear, communicating better, lighting better and making your audio sound better. Tonight, is all about self-improvement.

   * John DeBevoise
   * Paul Rodriguez
   * Jim Bask
   * Aasim Saied
   * Kaur Kallas
   * James DeRuvo

starts by looking at better ways we can run our business. Paul explains the MPSE, Jim showcases VideoGuys.com, Aasim invented a phone with a built-in video projector, and Kaur invented new lights that accept LUTs. And, as always, James had the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Last Week: Simple Effects in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Last week we designed a session for new and self- taught Premiere editors to help them learn how to create effects.

This session covers:

* The Effects & Effect Controls panel
* Transition effects
* Title effects
* Clip speed effectds
* Create motion effects
* Create filter effects
* How to use keyframes
* How to use masks

Download your copy of this webinar from our store - or - become a member of our Video Training Library and watch everything we've got! 
This Week: Simple Effects in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
This week, we took what we did last week for Premiere and flipped it around for Final Cut Pro X.

I plan to cover:

* Transitions
* Generators
* Titles / Text
* Clip speed changes
* Inspector effects
* The Effects Browser

If you are new to Final Cut, or have a friend that's new to the software, or if you need a refresher course on the basics, this session is for you.

Date: Wednesday, June 7.
Register for FREE Here 
» Cloud-Based Archiving May NOT Be a Good Idea ( Discussion)
   » A conversation with Rony Sebok, 1 Beyond, on Cloud vs. tape archiving.   

» The Perils and Pitfalls of Shared Storage ( Commentary)
   » My thoughts on what you need to consider about shared storage.

» Making the Best of a Bad Transition ( Tutorial)
   » Comparing Apple's Flow to Adobe's Morph Cut - and why not to use them!

» Premiere Pro CC: Two Ways to Create Video Still Frames (Video Tutorial)
   » A detailed illustration of still frames vs. hold frames; and how to choose.
» Premiere Pro CC: Two Ways to Resize Clips
(Video Tutorial)
   » Adobe changed how this worked in the new version. Here's a tutorial.

CineGear: Canon Announces the C-200 Video Camera (DoddleNEWS)
   » Brand-new and very exciting - new gear from Canon. 
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» Premiere Pro: Use 2 Monitors  

» What a Mess! The  State of Storage Today

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