June 8, 2020

It's two weeks until WWDC 2020. This year, due to the pandemic, Apple is presenting this annual conclave as an all-online format. Expectations are that Apple will introduce new versions of all its different OS versions. Though the time is not yet announced, the keynote - which is always the part I'm most interested in - will be sometime on Monday, June 22. In spite of all the rumors, I try not to have expectations. That way, I'm always surprised.

According to my email, things are a bit quiet in our industry at the moment. Still, there is some news; here's what crossed my desk this week.

EditShare announced the the general availability of EFS 2020 today - the industry's most resilient and scalable media optimized file system that features new advanced API and cloud capabilities with a focus on security, speed, and openness. Fully compatible with the latest version of Flow, EFS enables media organizations to build extensive collaborative workflows, shielding creative personnel from the underlying technical complexity while equipping technical teams with a comprehensive set of media management tools.

The team at IPV continue to turn out interesting white papers on collaboration and media management. The first link looks at the challenges of collaboration as we continue to work from home. The second is an overview of media asset management as a process, rather than specific products.

TheInsideTips.com just published its 700th tip this last week. If you haven't signed up for this free service, I encourage you to join. (Here's the link.) As well, I invite you to contribute your own tips. The more we share, the more we all benefit. You can currently choose from six different subject newsletters. 

My webinars return this week with a four-part series on " The Basics of Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro." (Final Cut Pro X will follow in July.) If you, or someone you know, is trying to learn the program, this series will provide an overview of the fundamentals of this program. Starting with media management through editing to final export, this covers everything you need to become proficient with the program. Registration is free. (Episodes will be posted to my store for download later.)

This week I have three new articles for you. The first looks at how to create an efficient backup strategy from production through post. Next is a review of new testing software for Final Cut Pro X that precisely times exporting your projects, which allows you to compare the speed of different storage or GPU configurations on your system. The third illustrates a little-known way to quickly improve the look of your images in Adobe Premiere Pro.

It's been another week where civilization itself is changing; though in ways that evolve daily. Active listening, learning and communication are more important than ever - and our skills put us right in the middle of this change. We each have a role in making things better ...or worse. This is something I'm now thinking about daily.

As always, I'm here if you have questions. Stay safe, stay healthy and, until next Monday ,   edit well
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The Basics of Editing
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HDR is the same as regular media - until the color grade.
* Key concepts
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* Color-grade HDR
* Tone-mapping -- 
   use HDR & SDR 

Everything you need - all in one place.

A multi-part in-depth series:
* Interface
* Media mgmt.
* Editing & trimming
* Effects
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Everything you need - all in one place.

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