Mar. 16, 2020

Last week was a week none of us will forget: the coronavirus became real, NAB canceled their 2020 show, the NBA canceled the rest of their season - followed by all the other major sports - panic buying hit the supermarkets, oil prices fell through the floor and the stock market... well, it didn't collapse, but its fingernails are getting really tired.

Personally, I would prefer to live in less interesting times.

Last week, we were debating whether or not to go to this year's NAB Show. Today, we are dealing with the ramifications of NAB canceling the show. I reached out to Chris Brown, EVP in charge of the NAB Show, offering my sympathies and support. Chris sent a nice note back saying, in part: "We carry on. All we can do."

That's true for all of us. We carry on.

My lead story is based on a question from Jon Gay: "With all that is going on in the world, I'm starting to get calls on shooting a conference and live-streaming a webinar. Maybe [write] a refresher on tools and connectivity to the internet, from the production standpoint."

We already know this stuff. Production is production whether live, streamed or recorded. The difference is in the distribution and, today, we have more distribution options than ever before. I talk about this here.

We got into this crazy business because we wanted to change the world. Now, with the world changing around us, we can help the world understand, cope and survive these changes. I would much prefer to take an active role and help folks than sit around wondering if I'll have a business in a couple of months.

We are communicators - let's communicate!

The truth drives away fear. Of course, times are challenging. Of course, we are scared. Of course, we would prefer this had not happened.  But it has happened. The key is what we do next. Personally, I refuse to give up.

I have four new articles for you this week: Adversity provides opportunity, thoughts on what happens now that NAB is gone, how to get the best image quality exporting ProRes files and work-arounds so we can finally burn Blu-ray Discs on Macs.

Lots to learn and lots to talk about. These are difficult times and, from everything I read, they will get worse. Don't lose sight of the fact that we can all be part of the solution. Communication drives away fear. And I'm here whenever you need me.

Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy and   edit well .  

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