Mar. 23, 2020

It is impossible to describe the speed of unfolding events. Two weeks ago, we were discussing whether or not to attend the 2020 NAB Show. Today, we are living in a "locked-down" society wondering whether our businesses will survive.

Strange times.

What these days have done, though, is make me realize who the true heroes of today are. It isn't the celebrities, but the folks we normally don't pay any attention to: janitors, store clerks, truck drivers - these are the people who risk their lives to keep the wheels of society rolling. It's my lead story this week.

Link:  The True Heroes

In the news, Ryan Flemming wrote: "Today, mocap innovator Rokoko announces the public opening of 'Motion Library,' the world's largest mocap marketplace. Previously available exclusively through Unity, the Motion Library will let users select an existing mocap asset - created by top Hollywood studios, AAA game devs and more - and insert it directly into an existing scene. The marketplace can be accessed directly via the free-to-use Rokoko Studio, and as of today, it can also be accessed natively within Autodesk's Maya 2020.1."

Links: Rokoko Studio -
Autodesk Maya 2020.1 - h ttps://

As more of us shift into working from home, that presents special challenges to video editors. This week, Adobe posted a Guide, with lots of links, to using Adobe Creative Cloud apps in a work-from-home environment.

Thinking about working from home, there is a lot of interest in web streaming to reach folks that are currently stuck in their homes. To help think about what's involved in streaming, I wrote a " Web Streaming Primer" filled with links and options to find the right streaming gear and service for your needs.

Last Monday, I wrote in my newsletter that "we got into this crazy business because we wanted to change the world." However, this got Bill Goetz wondering "how many of us really had intentions to change the world when we began our careers, especially those in the journalism community?" His essay is worth reading and part of my articles this week.

Then, for something more fun, Erick asked me to writing a tutorial on how to create a video that seamlessly loops. It was nice to take on a challenge and create a video with no social-redeeming value to illustrate how to easily do this yourself.

I could use your help contributing tips to I designed the system to make it easy for all of us to contribute. Tips are currently read in all 50 states and 54 countries around the world! I can especially use help with tips for "Visual Effects" and "Codecs/Media."

If you haven't signed up, I publish six " Tip Letters" a week - each containing three tips - on six different subjects. If you are interested in production, sign up for Random Weirdness, that's focused on production tips. Every Tip Letter is free - and, now that we all have extra time on our hands, why not sign up and learn something new? I would be grateful for your support.

Whew! This has been a mind-numbing week. It's a scary time. Still, I think our skills are more essential than ever. There are so many rumors that the truth, well communicated, can go a long way to reassuring all of us. And we each know how to communicate. We may be stuck at home, as I am here in LA, but that doesn't render us mute.

Don't believe everything you hear. Put your trust in the scientists. Hold leaders accountable. We will get through this. Just not as quickly as we would like. And, as always, I'm here when you need me.

Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy and   edit well .  

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