Mar. 25, 2019

Suddenly, there's news everywhere. I have seven new or revised articles, plus tons of goodies to share with you this week.

First, Apple updated Final Cut, Motion and Compressor this week. The updates are minor EXCEPT for one feature which is the subject of two articles this week. Details are below in the Articles section. (I don't see a reason not to upgrade.)

As well, Apple updated all iMacs and the iMac Pro. I've updated my articles on how to best configure these systems for video editing. You'll find these articles below as well. However, in general, these, too, were pretty minor updates. just got a major upgrade. They rolled out 10 new features last week to improve how media professionals collaborate on video, from initial upload to final delivery and everything in between. Top user-requested features include a new reel player presentation format, @mentions, and support for multi-page PDFs. Here's the link to learn more.

Rave Reviews published a review of the best USB mics. While I still prefer old-style XLR mics, USB is the way to go when you want to minimize the amount of gear you need. This article ranks, in their opinion, the Top 10 mics. Here's the link.

Antonio Marogna writes: "Recently, I found a way to import EXIF data into FCP X. With the help of the well-known ExifTool I made a plug-in that reads EXIF data from media files and adds Finder tags to each of them, so when importing media files to FCP X, keywords will be created and added to those media files. I released a version for Panasonic G cameras. I'm now planning for versions for Nikon,
Canon, Fujifilm and Sony cameras. Here's the link to his website and here's a link to a video tutorial.

The 2019 NAB Show is about two weeks away and the Digital Production Buzz will be covering the event live from the trade show floor. We just released our line-up of shows and guests, which you can find at We are also excited to be partnering again with Simon Says to provide written transcripts for all our NAB Shows. NAB is filled with new technologies and products to learn about - and the best way is to listen to The Buzz. Here's the link for our shows.

Finally, word came this week of the passing of Norman Hollyn, as he was lecturing in Tokyo. I have a tribute to Norman as an editor, a teacher and a good friend. He will be deeply missed.

The pace is picking up as the NAB Show nears. I look forward to seeing what the future brings. In the meantime, edit well.

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Plus, we have news from OWC and a tribute to Norman Hollyn. 
* Jen Soulé, OWC
* Ned Soltz,
* Michael Kammes, Bebop
* Philip Hodgetts,
   Lumberjack System
* James DeRuvo, 
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