March 12, 2018

The NAB exhibit floor opens four weeks from today. And right now, every developer in our industry is busily putting the finishing touches on all the new products they will be announcing at or around NAB. This is another way of saying that it gets pretty darn quiet just before the show starts.

I'm already getting press releases announcing that an announcement is coming: "Be sure to stop by our booth to see all our latest news" is how many of them start. There's a whole science to how and when to announce a new product; as well as whether the announcement drives people to a booth or a website. In the past, everyone made their announcements on the first day of NAB. Except as the number of companies and products grew, the cacophony on the first day was so great, no one could hear anything. It is extremely frustrating to work so hard on a new product, only to have no one hear the news that it exists.

Today, companies carefully plan the best time to release their news so that they capture the fullest attention of the press and the market at that moment. For the largest companies, who command press attention whenever they speak, that remains the first day of NAB. Day 1 always has the largest representation of the press. For others, especially those who's customers tend to be enterprises and studios, it's the weekend before at specialized press events. Still others, especially smaller companies, announce the week before by releasing the news online and promoting on social media. I enjoy watching the entire dance.

Thinking of NAB, our podcast - - will be covering the event presenting shows every hour during the event. We will interview more than 100 industry leaders to discover the latest products and trends at the show. I'm delighted to announce that our website - - is now updated with the latest information on our NAB shows and guests. We are still crafting the entire series, so things will change - but if you want a glimpse of what's coming, visit us here.

Still, all is not lost on the information front. I have four new articles for you this week: two on Adobe Premiere and two on Apple Final Cut.

Which reminds me, this month, our webinars present the basics of editing and video compression for both Adobe and Apple. Last week, we looked at the basics of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. In less than an hour, you can be editing in Premiere easily and efficiently. Learn more here.

This week, my webinar looks at media compression using Adobe Media Encoder. This is more important than you might think. We spend all our time and money scripting, shooting and editing our projects. Then, when it's time to deliver the final version, we blindly pick a compression setting and hope for the best. Your projects deserve better.

This week, I explain video compression, what you need to know to create good-looking - and good-sounding - files, and how to use Adobe Media Encoder to make your Premiere projects look great. Registration is FREE - sign up here.

And, if you are a Final Cut user, next week we do the same thing with Final Cut Pro X and Compressor. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up early for the sessions that start next week.

I'm delighted to report that the audience for the Digital Production Buzz continues to grow each week. We are now heard in more than 160 countries each month, which is really cool!  Last week, we took a second look at both VR and AR - include a new AR application called GeoGram that filmmakers can use. Listen to the show here.

For now, I'm enjoying the calm before the storm. Starting in a couple of weeks, things are going to go crazy. And, as always, I'll keep you informed about what I learn.  In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
This week we take an updated look at VR and AR, as we catch up with past guests, learn more about their current projects and discover lots of tips on what to consider when you start experimenting with VR. Plus, we talk about the current state of VR cameras and how they are now easier to use.

* Jim Malcolm, HumanEyes
* Srinivas Krishna, Awe Company
* Ethan Shaftel, VR Filmmaker
* Matthew Celia, VR Filmmaker
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
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The Basics of Editing in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
This webinar is designed for everyone who wants to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It covers all the basics of editing.   
Join Larry Jordan as he shows how to:

* Create and store a new project
* Manage media
* Import media
* Organize and review media
* Edit clips into a sequence
* Trim clips
* Add dissolves
* Export your sequence
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
The Basics of Editing in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
This week, we learn how to effectively compress video and audio. This webinar is designed for everyone who wants to learn how to compress their media files using Adobe Media Encoder. It covers the all basics you need to know.

Watch as Larry Jordan:

* Explains key compression terms
* Shows how to use default settings
* Shows how to customize settings
   for audio and video
* Shows how to add watermarks
* Shows how to automate

Live events are FREE. Sign up here
» Final Cut Pro X: Edit Multi-channel Audio (Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on how to display, edit and trim multi-channel audio  
» Premiere Pro CC: Add and Format a Title ( Video Tutorial)
   » Text and titles changed in the latest update. Learn how they work here.

» Final Cut Pro X: Create Compound Clip Transitions (Tutorial)
   » Compound clips are tricky beasts. Learn more here. 
» Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Adjust Audio Levels ( Video Tutorial)
   » In this excerpt from our "Basics" webinar, learn how to adjust audio. 
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

» Premiere Pro: Use
   Two Monitors

Premiere Pro: The
   New Font Menu

   iMac to Video Edit

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» Apple Final Cut Pro X
   10.4 Complete

» 246: Text Animation in
   Apple Motion 5.4

» 242: FCP X: New Color
   Tools and Correction

» 161: Record Great

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» Srinivas Krishna: AR for

» Matthew Celia: Create
   Story-driven VR

» Ethan Shaftel: Film vs.
   Immersive Media

» David Tillman: How to
   Edit a Documentary

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