NEWS - March 15, 2021
EIGHT new tutorials and lots of news this week. My lead story is about the M1 Mac. For years, as we were buying Intel-based hardware, we had a pretty good idea how to spend our money. But, the new M1 chips from Apple significantly change that equation. 

So, I did some research and have lots more detail on how to configure an M1 system, whether to buy now or wait a bit and where you should consider spending your money.

Also, Adobe released significant updates to Premiere Pro and the rest of their audio and video applications a few days ago. (This week's webinar presents these new features from Adobe. More on that in a bit.) Read the details:

In other news:

Dalet updated Amberfin, their media compression and transcoding software last week. Making our finished projects look great for distribution is essential for all of use. So, I emailed questions to Eric Carson, Director of Amberfin Product Strategy at Dalet to learn more. Here's our interview.

Accusonus announces ERA 5.2, the latest addition to their audio repair repertoire. The primary addition is Mouth De-Clicker, which removes mouth noises. 5.2 brings partial compatibility to Final Cut Pro on Big Sur. Currently limited to Intel processors, this update allows most ERA plugins to function on the platform. NOTE: Accusonus does not yet support M1 Macs.

Telestream has announced an acquisition of Masstech, which constructs hybrid cloud-based storage and asset lifecycle management systems. This move follows Telestream’s acquisition of EcoDigital and its Diva MAM platform back in October.

New Blue launched VividCast, an all-in-one storytelling suite for live streaming. VividCast is a new level of live graphic storytelling software that you won't find anywhere else and will give you a professional edge, regardless of skill level. Available now for Windows, coming soon for Mac.

The 35% discount on my book continues until the end of this month. Simply enter VISUALPERSUASION as the Coupon Code during checkout. Interested in what's IN the book? If you go to the Peachpit website, linked below, you can review the Table of Contents or download a sample chapter.

The week's webinar looks at all the new features in the updates for Premiere, Audition and Media Encoder. These include an all-new caption workflow, improved motion graphic (.mogrt) templates, audio effects, audio recording and more. As always, registration to our live events is free.

Registration Link: FREE Weekly Webinar

Thinking of Adobe, I have a tutorial detailing how their new caption workflow works in Premiere Pro. It is much easier, now, to create and adjust captions. Here's the write-up.

Last week's webinar on Audio in Final Cut was fun to present, covering areas in the application that I haven't talked about for years. If you want to make your projects sound better - and work with audio more easily - this webinar can help. It got glowing reviews from those who attended it live.

Other new tutorials this week include several excerpts from last week's webinar. All of which you'l find in the Tutorials & Reviews section below.

The clocks changed yesterday here in the States, the weather is getting warmer and we are slowly coming out from the worst of the pandemic. Spring is often described as a time of renewal - we need that today more than ever.

Stay safe and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» Configuring Apple's M1 Silicon for Video Editing (Tutorial)
» I did some in-depth research. Here's why these chips are so significant!

» Adobe Releases New Versions of Premiere Pro, et al (News)
» Here's a list - with links - to all the new features in all their media apps.

» Set Audio Levels in Final Cut Pro (Video Tutorial)
» Discover a variety of ways to set audio levels in Apple Final Cut Pro.

» Adobe's New Caption Workflow in Premiere Pro (Tutorial)
» Learn how to create, edit, import, trim and export captions

» Dalet Updates Amberfin for Better Performance (News)
» An interview with Eric Carson, Director of Amberfin Product Strategy

» Create Different Audio Transitions in Final Cut Pro (Video Tutorial)
» How to add, modify, fine-tune, and automate audio transitions.

» Sync & Use Double-System Audio in Final Cut Pro (Video Tutorial)
» Discover the different ways to sync and link audio to video.

» Use Auditions to Preview Audio in Final Cut Pro (Video Tutorial)
» Auditions allow very fast comparison of video with different audio clips.
New Features in Adobe Media Applications
* New Caption workflow in Premiere Pro
* New Media Replacement in After Effects & Premiere
* New audio capabilities in Premiere & Audition
* New media support in Media Encoder

Everything you need - all in one place!
Audio in Apple Final Cut Pro

* Editing and trimming audio clips
* Working with multi-channel audio
* Audio effects and the Audio Inspector
* Using Roles

Everything you need - all in one place!
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