March 19, 2018

Most of my articles this week were suggested by readers. But I want to start by talking about a question from Dev Sholz, which was: "I am interested in this whole HDR, Rec. 2020 stuff. But I do not see a thorough overview including the "if" and "if not" and "better do this than that if."  Did I overlook something like this from your site?"

This is a great question and while I cover it in my latest FCP X 10.4 video training, I haven't written an article about this in a while. The technology is changing very quickly and I need to update my articles. But, with the annual NAB Show coming up in three weeks, I know there will be significant announcements surrounding HDR at the show, so it makes sense to wait a few more weeks before addressing this. Expect more soon - first on our NAB podcasts - then in updated articles after the show.

Thinking of our podcasts, we have now booked all but two guests for our upcoming NAB coverage. You can see all our shows and guests here. We are interviewing 100 industry leaders in four days. All the news and new products - all in one place: We have new shows every hour - listen and discover everything that's news at the show. (And thanks to Maxon for sponsoring our coverage!)

The Buzz had a great show this week. We interviewed three Oscar-nominated audio mixers about their work on this year's biggest movies, plus looking at new audio network standards being developed by AES, learn about custom-built, high-performance computer hardware and discover better ways to plan a production. It was a fun show and our guests were great. Take a listen here.

When it comes to articles, I have five for you this week: two on Adobe Premiere, two on Final Cut and recent thoughts on why communication is so hard. A few days ago, I received a press release that was a train-wreck of missed communication and provides an object lesson to all of us trying to capture the attention of an audience. It's my lead story this week and I encourage you to read it. I'm interested in your comments.

Oh! Our "Back to Basics Month" continues this week with an introduction to the basics of editing in Apple Final Cut Pro X. Designed for beginners, I'll walk you through everything you need to know to start editing successfully in FCP X. As always, our live webinars are free and occur each Wednesday. Sign up here.

Three weeks and counting till NAB. If you are going to the show, please stop by our booth and say HELLO  ( South Lower 10527). I'd love to say HI. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
Last week we looked at audio, hardware and production planning. We began by talking with three Oscar-nominated audio mixers, chatted about new audio network standards being developed by AES, learned about custom-built, high-performance computer hardware and discovered a much better way to plan a production.

* Julian Slater, Sony Pictures
* Christian Cooke, Deluxe Toronto
* Brad Zoern, Deluxe Toronto
* Jeff Barryman, AES  
* Christopher Johnson,
* Robert Kiraz, StudioBinder
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Media Compression Basics in
Adobe Media Encoder
This week, we learn how to  compress video and audio. This session is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to compress their media files using Adobe Media Encoder.  Join Larry as he:

* Explains key compression terms
* Shows how to use default settings
* Shows how to customize settings
   for audio and video
* Shows how to add watermarks
* Shows how to automate
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
The Basics of Editing in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
This week's webinar is designed for everyone who wants to learn Apple Final Cut Pro X. It covers all the basics of creating a library, importing media and editing.

Watch as Larry shows how to:

* Create and store a new Library
* Manage media
* Import media
* Organize and review media
* Edit clips into a project
* Trim clips
* Add dissolves
* Export the edit as a master file 

Live events are FREE. Sign up here
» Another Failure to Communicate (Commentary)
   » Sometimes we fail to connect to our audience because we know too much.  
» Adobe Media Encoder: Compress for Social Media (Video Tutorial)
   » This is what you need to know to easily compress files for social media.

» Adobe Media Encoder: Optimize Preferences (Video Tutorial)
   » Changing a few settings makes a big difference in speed and flexibility. 
» Product Review: Final Cut Library Manager v3.6 (Review)
   » An essential FCP X utility gets even more useful.

» Product Review: FCP X ImageExporter (Review)
   » A good idea marred by rushing to market too fast. Needs more work. 
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

Premiere Pro: The
   New Font Menu

» Configure a 2017
   iMac Pro for Editing

   iMac to Video Edit

» View tutorials here

» 248: Basics of Editing
   in Premiere Pro CC

» Apple Final Cut Pro X
   10.4 Complete

» 161: Record Great

» 242: FCP X: New Color
   Tools and Correction

» View all webinars here

» Srinivas Krishna: AR for

» Jim Malcolm: Cameras
   to Make VR Inexpensive

» Ethan Shaftel: Film vs.
   Immersive Media

» Matthew Celia: Create
   Story-driven VR

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