Mar. 20, 2017

Every week, as my family will attest, I wonder whether I have anything interesting to talk about in my newsletter. This week, I have eight new articles for you! That may not be a record, but its close.

The most important is my lead story: "Reasons for Hope for Media Pros."  In today's environment, it is easy to get discouraged. So, I reached out to friends and associates in the industry to get their opinions what we have to be hopeful about these days. I was delighted with their response. I found all their comments interesting and many of them inspiring. It's my lead story this week. I encourage you to share it with your friends - and please add your own thoughts in the Comments.

My article last week - "It Wouldn't Hurt Apple To Give Us a Clue" - on Apple needing to be more transparent with its products for professionals got lots of views and comments. My feeling is that people who make their living with Apple's products need better guidance from Apple on what's coming. Apple would never purchase servers and storage for their iCloud data centers without a clear idea of the product roadmap from their vendors. Why should we be in the dark about critical Apple hardware necessary to running our business?

If you haven't read my article yet, read it here. And, if you have, take a second look. Some of the comments are excellent! Then, if you agree, share it with your friends. The only way things change is if we speak up. Let's get a conversation going.

I'm having fun presenting my current series on Apple Motion 5.3 - so much so that I've added another session to the series. This week, we'll be covering Particles and Replicators. The first three sessions are posted to our Video Training Library and store. I present a new session every Wednesday. Live sessions are always free - register today and join us! And, if you buy the entire Motion series this week, you'll save money. We've reduced the price while production is still on-going.

NOTE: If you were already registered for one of the remaining Motion sessions, you will still need to register for our new webinar this week.

BREAKING NEWS: Our podcast, Digital Production Buzz, returns to the NAB Show for the tenth year in a row to cover the latest technology news live from the show floor. This year, we are originating 24 live shows over four-and-a-half days. We just posted our guest list for the shows. You can see it here - Our programming will continue to evolve - so check back from time to time to get the latest updates. A subject we'll talk about a lot is how our industry defines and works with "professionals."

Oh! On The Buzz last week we looked at financing and distributing our films. From self-financing, to crowd-sourcing, to finding angel investors, we talked about all of it. Then, we looked at new distribution opportunities provided by Vimeo, Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and the rest. If you are looking for an audience, you need to listen to this week's show.

Finally, Adobe is celebrating 25 years of Premiere Pro - with a contest. Called "Make the Cut," Adobe teamed with Imagine Dragons to provide source clips from their music video for editors to create their own music videos - and there are thousands of dollars in prizes. All the details are below in my blog.

It's an exciting, scary, challenging time - NAB is getting closer - change is in the air. Never think you are alone, we are all in this together - and I'm always interested in your comments.

Until next week, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Our latest show looked at financing and distribution. Our guests were:

   * Maxim Jago
   * Richard Wright
   * Griffin Hammond
   * Chris Sobchack
   * Max Votolato
   * Michael Horton
   * Dan Berube
   * James DeRuvo

Maxim started with how he finances his films. Then, Richard talked about financing his documentary series, Griffin and Chris both spoke on how to pick the right distributor - and each chose someone different - while Max explained why he released his film for free. Then, Mike and Dan previewed the upcoming NAB SuperMeet. Finally, James presented the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

Text transcripts provided by Read the written transcript for this week's show here.

New shows air live every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM Los Angeles time.

Tune in live here.

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Add Media, Paths and Masks In Apple Motion 5.3
In part 3 of our five-part series on Apple Motion, we add audio and video into Motion, along with a longer look at paths and masks:

* Import media into the Media tab
* Working with Audio
* Working with Video
* Video Behaviors
* Video Filters
* Keyframes
* Paths
* Masks

This is the third in a six-part series.

This is available as a download, or as part of our Video Training Library
Particles and Replicators In
Apple Motion 5.3
In part 4 of our six-part series on Apple Motion, we look at two of the more sophisticated sections of the app: Particles and Replicators. Specifically:

* What is a Particle System?
* Use existing particle emitters
* Create a new particle system
* What is a Replicator?
* Use existing replicators
* Create a new replicator

This series is designed for both new and existing users, though you will benefit from watching Part 1 first.

Registration for live shows is always FREE - sign up here today! 
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