NEWS - March 22, 2021
Seven new tutorials - most revolving around the new features in Adobe Premiere Pro. First, though, the news.

Signiant announced they had acquired Lesspain Software, the makers of media asset management software Kyno. I've been a fan of Kyno for years, so I reached out to the CEO of Signiant, Margaret Craig, to learn more about what this acquisition means to media creators.

AppleInsider has a detailed article, listing current, significant applications that do not yet support M1 Macs. The list is surprisingly long. This also details the challenges in creating applications that support the new Apple silicon.

[Thinking of upgrades, I'm planning to update to Big Sur on Monday. I already know my mouse won't work, and key apps need upgrades, but I'm hopeful everything else works. I'll let you know how it all turns out in next week's issue.]

Cinenso, based in Los Angeles, launched its Cinenso Channel platform last week. This enables curators to create channels for film screenings, discussions and archival content. The secure platform includes DRM and payment infrastructure and storage at a nominal cost for global programmers of independent film content. 

GV Live presented Inform 2021. These two free sessions (each runs about 30 minutes) discuss the rising influence of the cloud, changes in monetization models and the shifting habits of viewers, and how traditional media companies and their solution suppliers can not only survive, but thrive.

One of my readers called my attention to DriveDx. Written by Binary Fruit, DriveDX is an advanced storage media diagnostics monitoring and analysis software. It supports both SSDs and HDDs. A free trial is available, with a purchase price of $19.99.

Interesting trivia:
March 15, 1985, the first internet domain name,, was registered.

The 35% discount on my book continues until the end of this month. Simply enter VISUALPERSUASION as the Coupon Code during checkout. I'm deeply grateful for all the outstanding reviews. If you are an educator planning courses for the fall, this survey book of visual software tools should be on your radar.

Last week's webinar covered most of the new features in the March updates to Premiere Pro, After Effects and the rest of Adobe's media software. Everything you need to know in about 30 minutes.

Webinars are taking a break next week. I'll be back on March 31.

My lead tutorial was born out of a request by Philippa who wanted to learn more about how to customize keyframes in Premiere.

My recent article on configuring an M1 system for video editing proved to be extremely popular. From that, a conversation began on how to enable hardware-accelerated video compression using either Apple Compressor or Adobe Media Encoder. You'll find links to both articles in the Tutorials & Reviews section below.

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Yay! Spring is finally here - well, in the Northern Hemisphere at least. (Um, Happy Fall if you live Down Under....) Warmer weather, falling infection rates and a chance to put these long cold days behind us. Now, we all to get vaccinated, then pray work starts to pick back up.

Hope - it's a wonderful thing. Until next Monday, edit well.
» Premiere Pro: Discover the Hidden Controls in Keyframes (Tutorial)
» An illustrated tutorial on how to modify keyframes for path and speed.

» Signiant Acquires Kyno - An Interview with Margaret Craig (News)
» Margaret is CEO of Signiant and discusses their plans for this software.

» New Media Replacement Options for Premiere Pro (Video Tutorial)
» Motion graphic templates now support replacing media. Learn how.

» New Audio Editing Options for Adobe Audition (Video Tutorial)
» Adobe added a new insert recording option to simplify voice-overs.

» Enable Hardware Compression in Apple Compressor (Tutorial)
» Hardware acceleration speeds compression 2-5X. Here's how to turn it on.

» Enable Hardware Compressor in Adobe Media Encoder (Tutorial)
» Hardware acceleration speeds compression 2-5X. Here's how to turn it on.

» Verify Audio Quality & Fix DC Offset in Audition (Video Tutorial)
» I use these two techniques every week in my mixes. You should, too.
New Features in Adobe's Media Applications
* New Caption workflow in Premiere Pro
* New Media Replacement in After Effects & Premiere
* New audio capabilities in Premiere & Audition
* New media support in Media Encoder

Everything you need - all in one place!
Audio in Apple Final Cut Pro

* Editing and trimming audio clips
* Working with multi-channel audio
* Audio effects and the Audio Inspector
* Using Roles

Everything you need - all in one place!
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