NEWS - March 29, 2021
Well, I upgraded to Big Sur last week. My lead story this week explores what I learned - and what you can learn as well.

I also have articles on future-proofing media projects, a better way to digitize SD video that preserves image and audio quality, and a look at a new feature in Adobe Premiere Pro. More on these in a minute.

First, the news:

TV Technology announced the winners of the first annual Tech Leadership Product Awards. Categories including ATSC 3.0 technologies, Lighting technologies, Audio technologies, Camera technologies and Cloud-based services & IP technologies. Top executives are also highlighted. 

EditShare made two announcements this week: Support for Amazon Web Services Media Intelligence and improved tech support via a new Global Service Assurance program. The AWS MI solution is a combination of AWS AI-powered services that empowers customers to easily integrate AI into their media content workflows. This includes services like Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Translate.

Digital Bedrock and Wasabi announced a hybrid Cloud Storage / offline digital preservation system. The evolution of media workflows away from traditional infrastructure centered on durable storage, and towards virtualized operations using cloud storage, have increased the need for a more flexible and efficient hybrid storage model for easy and quick access to preserved data.

Mashable wrote a review of EasySplitter, a new AI tool that extracts vocals and/or instrumentals from any track. The software is available now for $39.99. 

There are only a few days left to get a 35% discount on my book - Techniques of Visual Persuasion. The promotion ends Wednesday, March 31. Simply enter VISUALPERSUASION as the Coupon Code during checkout.

This week's webinar presents: "Color Fundamentals in Adobe Premiere Pro." In this session, the first of two parts, I'll explain the key concepts of digital color, then show how to use the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro to make your images look their best. Next week, I'll showcase the more advanced color features in Premiere. Registration, as always, is FREE! Register for both at this link.

In tutorials, I present a detailed look at another new feature in Premiere: the ability to replace media in a motion graphic template. 

Many of us are still grappling with digitizing legacy SD media. This week, John sent me an email asking for detailed help in determining what gear and workflow makes the most sense. I spent several hours researching the answer and this article is the result.

Thinking of legacy reminds me that we REALLY need to think about how to preserve our projects and media for the long term. Project formats change and files we used to access easily suddenly stop working. There's a workaround: XML. This article explains what you need to know, whether you are using Premiere or Final Cut.

Spring is here and our world is slowly emerging in a new reality. Our industry has changed, but not our need to communicate. Our skills are still in demand - though in different ways than before and, perhaps, with different tools. Learning never stops; now more than ever we need get back on top of our game.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» What I Learned Upgrading to macOS Big Sur (Commentary)
» I upgraded. Finally. Here's what I learned in the process.

» Adobe's New Media Replacement Workflow for .mogrts (Tutorial)
» Here's how this new feature works.

» How to Get the Best Images Digitizing SD Video (Tutorial)
» There's cheap - and there's good. Here's how to preserve quality.

» Future-Proof Your Projects and Media (Tutorial)
» Whether you use Premiere or Final Cut - read this to stay safe.
Color Fundamentals in Adobe Premiere Pro
* Illustrate key color terms
* Show how to use Lumetri video scopes
* Create color looks
* Adjust color automatically and manually
* Explore what the color wheels can do for your project

Everything you need - all in one place!
New Features in Adobe's Media Applications

* New Caption workflow in Premiere Pro
* New Media Replacement in After Effects & Premiere
* New audio capabilities in Premiere & Audition
* New media support in Media Encoder

Everything you need - all in one place!
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