March 5, 2018

First, I need to share a caution with you. Apparently, Final Cut Pro X 10.4 has problems with Sony EX1 cameras. Three readers have alerted me to situations where working with BPAV folders in Final Cut Pro X 10.4 has caused significant crashes; especially if you use spanned files. If you use this format, test your workflow before beginning serious editing. My best recommendation is to use either FCP X 10.3.4 or Premiere for this format.

On a more pleasant note, I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about on my upcoming webinars and I realized I haven't covered " The Basics of Editing" for a long while. So, I'm devoting March to explaining the basics of editing and media compression in both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X. All eight webinars are posted, registration is free and you can sign up for whatever you want. Click here.

Even better, if you have a friend or a student that is trying to learn these applications, have them sign up for a session that interests them. There's nothing like learning how an application actually works to finally enjoy the process of editing. Again, registration is free - sign up here.

With NAB exactly five weeks away, we are in a very dead time for new product announcements. While the doors will blow open come the first of April, for now, there ain't a lot happening. However, there is something significant on the horizon you need to watch.

Apple is telling all its developers that future versions of the macOS will not support 32-bit applications. This means that if you are dependent upon older software you have two options: upgrade it or stop upgrading the OS. This week, I have two articles that cover this topic: one on how to turn off auto-updating and the other on how to check for 32-bit applications on your system.

Then, I have an article for Premiere users on the "hiding-in-plain-sight" wrench in the timeline. (Smile, I had fun with that title.)

Oh! The Digital Production Buzz had an interesting show on gear rentals this last week. We talked with folks that rent via the web, face-to-face and a fascinating discussion on working with a rental house. Clearly, with the amount of technological change today - especially with cameras - rentals are more attractive than ever. This show is well worth your time to listen. Here's the link.

Well, enjoy your week and see you at Wednesday's webinar. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
Last week on The BuZZ we looked at renting gear. With new gear evolving so quickly, and costing so much, sometimes it's better NOT to buy new equipment, but to rent it when you need it. Tonight we look at renting from the perspective of the person who needs the gear and the person that owns it.

* Ned Soltz, RedShark News
* Les Zellan, Cooke Optics
* Carl Cook, VER Rentals
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS
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Particles and Simulators in
Apple Motion 5.4
Motion has, hidden inside it, a very capable particle system, along with a variety of simulators, which allow us to create a cloud of graphic objects and move them in interesting ways. Today's webinar looks at the intersection of objects, particles and simulators in Motion 5.   
Learn how to:
* Modify an existing particle systems
* Create a custom particle system
* Apply simulators to objects
* Apply simulators to particles 
Available for download in our store and in Larry's Video Training Library
The Basics of Editing in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
This webinar is designed for everyone who wants to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It covers all the basics of editing.

Join Larry Jordan as he explains how to:

* Create and store a new project
* Manage media
* Import media
* Organize and review media
* Edit clips into a sequence
* Trim clips
* Add dissolves
* Export your sequence 

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» How To Tell Which Mac Apps are 32-bit (Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on finding soon-to-be-outdated apps on your system. 
» How to Turn Off Auto-Updating in macOS ( Tutorial)
   » Control when you upgrade - don't be surprised mid-project. 
» Adobe Premiere Pro CC: The Wrench in the Timeline ( Tutorial)
   » How to control timeline customization options.  
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

» Premiere Pro: The
   New Font Menu

   iMac to Video Edit

»  FCP X: Create an
   Adjustment Layer

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» Apple Final Cut Pro X
   10.4 Complete

» 247: Motion 5.4:
   Particles & Simulators

» 246: Text Animation in
   Apple Motion 5.4

» 244: Practical Masks in
   Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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