May 11, 2020

Welcome back. It's good to get together again. Let's start with the news.

Cision is the new name for PR Newswire . Last week, they published " State of the Media 2020 ," a survey of 3,253 journalists from around the globe. While the entire report is worth downloading - and free - Cision summarized the five biggest takeaways in their blog. For me, the top two are that distrust of media continues decreasing and that publishing via social media is complicated.

Creative Planet ran an interesting article on " The Case for 8K Production and How to Manage that Monster Data." It probably won't surprise you that I am not a fan of endlessly-increasing resolutions. Especially since most viewers can't tell the difference between 2K and 4K; while 8K creates files 4X bigger than 4K! Still the article is interesting and worth debating. Consider me unconvinced, though.

The folks at Adobe told me about a contest "to celebrate the recent release of Marshmello's single 'Be Kind' in a new video challenge. Fans are encouraged create a video using Premiere Pro, After Effects and/or Premiere Rush that shows how they're bringing kindness to the world." There's a $10,000 prize. announced that, a free app for Mac & Windows, which represents a breakthrough in affordability for AI-driven speech transcription of video and audio, is now available with a new Dropbox integration. By leveraging powerful AI capabilities as well as Dropbox's  unique sharing and collaboration capabilities, the new app enables new workflows for distributed teams.

Accusonus, BorisFX, Film Impact, Music Radio Creative are joining forces to offer some bundled goodies for free now that people are stuck at home due to the pandemic. There's a variety of quality products in this time-limited free bundle ($800+ total value), including audio tools, royalty free jingles, sound effects & music beds, transitions and VFX!!! "We did this with a lot of love for the community and we hope you'll support us by sharing with your audience! It's a pretty cool offer!"

Here are two new webcasts: LiveX premieres "Hardware Junkies," an in-depth look at the latest tech in the live streaming space. And has a new episode in their "Workflow from Home" - "Realtime Remote Color Grading & Collaboration."

Link -  Remote Color Grading

Last week, I wrote about the new Productions feature in Premiere. This week, Andy added a comment on features that limit using Productions for large productions, especially concerning search. His comments are worth reading because they include features I didn't test for. The link below goes to my article, his comments are at the bottom.

This week's webinar - Wednesday at 9 AM and 12 PM - presents " Color Tools & Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro." I'll define the basics of color, show how to display and read scopes, then take a closer look at the color tools in the Lumetri Color panel. All my webinars are free, sign up here.

Upcoming webinars will cover HDR in both Final Cut and Premiere. I'm still working on the agendas - I'll have sign-ups ready next week.

Thinking of other free stuff, I have three new articles and three new videos this week. The videos are highlights from last week's webinar: Color Tools & Effects in Apple Final Cut Pro X. The articles provide very cool tips for both Final Cut and Premiere. You'll find all the links in the Articles section below.

Turning to the world around us, states are starting to open back up, though we are a long ways from normal. I hope you continue safe and healthy. Anxious though all of us are to get out and about, please don't do anything foolish - yet.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and, until next week,   edit well
» FCP X: Secrets of the Match Color Effect ( Tutorial)
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» Premiere Pro: A Really Fast Way to Color Correct an Image (Tutorial)
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» FCP X: Balance Color and Match Color Tools (Video Tutorial)
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Apple Final Cut Pro X:
Color Tools & Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro:
Color Tools & Effects
This session covers:
* Looks
* Video scopes
* Color tools
* Fixing problems
* Special tricks
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This session covers:
* Video scopes
* Color tools
* Fixing problems
* Special tricks and 
* Plus, answers to your questions.

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