May 13, 2019

All kinds of news this week: new articles, think pieces and ideas sent in via the web. PLUS, webinars are restarting June 6. (More on that in a minute.)

In the news, Karen Thomas, at Thomas PR, sent me a press release about a new copyright registration system. " Concensum announced May 11, 2019, THE CONCENSUM GLOBAL COPYRIGHT REGISTER, the first worldwide registry based on blockchain technology that connects photography and image copyrights with their respective authors to protect their assets worldwide. THE CONCENSUM REGISTER is live now and available for free to all copyright owners to protect photos and other images from theft." Learn more at

Concensum's blockchain is public and can potentially be used by third parties to create registers for digital music, videos, and more. The Concensum registry hopes to put an end to one of the defenses employed by people who use images online without paying -- that they don't know who owns the photos.

I haven't decided yet if blockchain is a good idea or a solution in search of a problem. But the issue of image copyright ownership is a big one and I thought you would be interested in learning about this.

Continuing with the news, Grabyo, a Cloud-based video platform, announced on May 8, 2019, that it has partnered with Flowics, an Audience Participation Platform for streamers and content creators. The Flowics platform enables curated visual experiences for live audiences, commentary and real-time data integration with live production. Flowics' integration within Grabyo Producer allows for authoring, curating and triggering interactive graphics that can be overlaid onto a live production. Examples include the ability to conduct polls and incorporate lower third graphics, with curated social content.

As the PR folks explained it to me: This partnership enables digital teams to pull audience commentary from social media, conduct live polling, and incorporate other real-time data integrations into live social videos. Digital and social teams in sports, news and entertainment are now able to easily create highly engaging, custom video content with one, cloud-based platform.

As more of us get involved with live streaming video productions, I thought you might be interested in this new technology.

Thinking about the news, my webinars are restarting - Thursday, June 6, at a new time of 9:30 AM. (Over the summer, I'll experiment with different starting times to see which one you prefer.)  The subject is Visual Literacy. In a world where videos move millions and a picture is more powerful - and popular - than the written word, a key survival skill is how well you communicate visually. Visual communication and storytelling are now essential skills in this digital age. The agenda is evolving, but I wanted to tell you about it now so you can register here. My live webinars are always free.

As the school year wraps up and my students and I talk about the future, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about ethics and technology. Part of this is driven by the continual scandals surrounding FaceBook and how hard it is to create change. But, also, it's from a change in technology itself. Read my thoughts here. I'm always interested in your comments.

Last week's Digital Production Buzz was particularly interesting; we looked at the current state of post-production from individual artists to smaller post houses to one of the largest. We talked with Oliver Peters, Christopher Ray, Terence Curren and Mark Raudonis. Post is in a time of challenge and change. You'll find their opinions interesting. Listen to the show here.

I have three new articles for you this week. One looks at Final Cut Pro X, another on Adobe Audition and the third at improving poster frames for QuickTime movies. You'll find all of them in the Articles section below.

Be sure to sign up for our free webinar - and, as always, I'm interested in your comments. Chat with you next week. In the meantime, edit well.

Last Week on The Buzz
On this week's episode of The Buzz,  we talk with post-production professionals across the industry to discover current trends, technologies and challenges facing the world of post. Their comments are fascinating.
Plus, Jonathan Handel has an update on the WGA/talent agents battle. 
* Jonathan Handel, "The
   Hollywood Reporter"
* Terence Curren, Alpha Dogs
* Oliver Peters, Oliver Peters
   Post-Production Services 
* Christopher M. Ray, Picture Shop
* Mark Raudonis, Bunim/Murray 
* James DeRuvo, 
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