May 14, 2018

Before we get into all the news, I want to call your attention to my lead story this week: " We Are On The Edge of Permanently Losing Our Past." This grew out of a conversation with my son who was charged with restoring archived media files at his University that were less than 20 years old. I was shocked at how our industry has made this almost impossible. I urge you to read this and continue the discussion with your friends. This is very scary. Here's the link.

This inability to access archived data was driven home to me earlier this year when I went to my collection of Photo CD images which documented my first company in the late 1990's - only to discover that there were almost no applications today that open Photo CD files. Or .PCT.  Or... well, you get the idea. Constant technological change and obsolescence is great until you need to access something from "a few years ago." Doing nothing is no longer an option - but I'm not sure what our options actually are.

I discovered two new things that I want to share with you this week. The first in an infographic created by the folks at It highlights the brands that are using video marketing. Here's the link - 16Best has a goal of becoming "your go-to source for reading buyer's guides and product reviews of a certain category."  I don't know anything about the website - and their About Us page is pretty vague, but I thought the infographic may give you some ideas you can pitch to potential clients.

Second, this year marks the 25th Anniversary of Adobe Audition (née Cool Edit). Audition is a program that I enjoy using every week. As part of the celebration I was recently interviewed as one of the "25 Audition Movers and Shakers." The interview was conducted by Mike Russell and will be posted sometime in the near future. BUT, what makes this worth mentioning this week, is that Mike and his wife Izabela run Music Radio Creative - "one of the industry's leading audio providers for radio, DJs and podcasters." This isn't a "stock music company." Instead, they create packages of opens, closes, intros, bridges - all the audio elements you need to take your production audio up to the next level. After talking with Mike, I toured their website. They have fully-produced podcast packages starting at only $435 (US). This is a highly attractive price with a very professional sound. Learn more here:

Last week's webinar was a doozy - Tips to Improve Your Job Hunting Skills. Every time I present this I discover just how relevant this is. Whether you are a student just starting out, or someone who's been in the job market for a while, there are tips here that we can all learn from. You'll find it in our Video Training Library as well as available for download in my store. I also have an excerpt from the presentation on how to succeed at the job interview posted in the Articles section below.

No webinar this week - I'm working on reviewing new products from OWC, Drobo and mLogic and I need some time to get these completed. There is some very interesting technology heading our way.

Thinking of interesting, the Digital Production Buzz had an excellent show on storage last week. Tom Coughlin led off with an excellent presentation of new storage technology that we will all be working with later this year. Every time I talk with Tom I learn something. We also heard from the folks at Spectra Logic about archiving technology, ProMax on shared storage and OWC about upgrading your current computer's hardware. Lots of things to learn that we can put to use this week.

I have four articles for you this week: my blog on losing our past, plus tips to a successful job interview, how to create a dual-boot disk in macOS High Sierra - this takes a LOOONNNNGGGG time! - and how to export multichannel audio from FCP X using Roles.

That wraps things up for this week. I look forward to chatting with you next Monday. In the meantime, edit well.  

Last Week On The Buzz!
Storage is a constantly evolving technology that's increasingly critical to media creation. Last week, we talked with leaders in the storage world about what's new, what we need to watch and how to keep older systems current.    
* Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
* David Feller, Spectra Logic
* Nathaniel Cooper, ProMAX
* Larry O'Connor, OWC 
* James Deruvo, DoddleNEWS 
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Tips to Improve Your Job Hunting
All of us DESERVE a good job. But, what we deserve has nothing to do with whether we will actually FIND a good job. In fact, the job market is stacked against us - and no one explains the rules. This week,  Larry presents the tips you need to know to market yourself to find and land a good job. 

* Define the product that is "you"
* Create effective marketing
* Discover key strengths
* Find the right job for you
* Master the interview
* How to negotiate money
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Webinars are taking the week off so I can work on some other projects.

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