May 15, 2017

I truly enjoy reading your emails and comments. For example, webinars restart this week and both sessions this week and next were suggested by readers. Also, two of my three articles this week began as email.

Let's start with webinars. Last week, Coleen sent me a note asking if I could cover how to work with stills in Final Cut Pro X. I checked my records and realized that the last time I talked about this was over three years ago. Clearly, time for an update. Registration is free - click here to learn more about this Wednesday's session and signup.

Then, next week, Wednesday, May 24, I'm covering multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X - this session was suggested by Richard. This doesn't appear on my webinar page - yet - but you can sign up early. Click here to register for the 9 AM presentation, and here's the link for the session at 12 PM. Registration for all my live events is free. I look forward to sharing these with you.

Next, if you haven't listened to the Digital Production Buzz recently, it's time to stop by for another listen. Last week, we had our experts share their thoughts on key highlights from last month's NAB show. What surprised me was that none of them agreed! Listen to Ned Soltz, Philip Hodgetts, Michele Yamazaki, Michael Kammes and James DeRuvo discuss the important news from NAB. Click here to listen - or, if you are in a hurry, read the show transcript.

Thinking of The Buzz, reminds me that two articles this week are about Adobe Audition (and Premiere, too, come to think of it). I enjoy using the program and keep looking for ways to make it run faster. This week, the article on markers reveals some of the secrets of the program - and, more importantly, suggests what Adobe can do to improve it even more. Adobe is doing an increasingly good job of listening to their users and adding features based on our comments.

Finally, my article on timecode is one I've wanted to write for a while and finally had the time to do so.

Summer is getting closer, but there's still work to be done. Please keep writing - I always enjoy hearing from you. In the meantime, edit well. 

Last Week On The Buzz!

Last week we looked back at NAB for key trends and highlights.

   * Ned Soltz
   * Philip Hodgetts
   * Michele Yamazaki
   * Michael Kammes
   * Gary Watson
   * James DeRuvo

began our program, sharing his thoughts on cameras, lenses and production. Then, Philip spotted  future trends to watch, Michele covered plugins and post, while Michael had new workflow ideas.  Gary announced new storage from Nexsan. And James presented the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

Text transcripts provided by Read the written transcript for this week's show here.

New shows air live every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM Los Angeles time.

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This Week: Working With Stills in Final Cut Pro X
This week, we look at how to manage and work with stills in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

We start first with Photoshop:

* Size images for video
* Repair old images in Photoshop
* Organizing files before import
* Organize with events & keywords
* Find images you haven't used
* Manage project size
* When to use the Ken Burns effect

Date: Wednesday, May 17.

Register here.  Live events are FREE! 
Next Week: Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X
We haven't posted it, yet, but next week I'm covering multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X.

Here's the details:

* Multicam shooting tips
* Media import and create proxies
* Build, sync & modify a multicam
* Edit multicam clips
* Integrate double-system sound
* Effects and multicam clips
* Special multicam clip uses

Date: Wednesday, May 24.

Register FREE for 9 AM here.

Register FREE for 12 PM here.
» Final Cut Pro X: Change Project Timecode ( Tutorial)
   » A short, illustrated tutorial on what timecode is and how to change it.
» Adobe Audition CC: Using Markers ( Tutorial)
   » Markers are very useful, but almost all their great features are hidden.

» Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Modify Essential Sound Panel Settings ( Tutorial)
   » ESP settings CAN be changed, but it isn't easy - or documented. Here's how.

» Red Giant Just Released Universe 2.1 (DoddleNEWS)
   » GPU-accelerated plug-in pack is faster and contains six new text effect.  
» EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Clarity

» Premiere Pro CC: Boost/Smooth Levels

» Is the 2016 MacBook Pro Fast Enough?

» Color Correction: Make People "Normal" 
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» FCP X: Workflow & Editing (v. 10.3)

» 217: Motion 5.3 - Paths, Masks & Media

» Editing Skills: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

» 196: Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X

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» Ryan Neil Postas: Create a Personal Style

»Erik Weaver: Challenges of Cloud Storage

» David Walton: New JVC IP-enabled Cameras

» Nigel Booth: All-in-one Asset Management

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