NEWS - May 17, 2021
Updates and new features from Adobe are the big news this week, but my lead story showcases the results of last week's survey. I wanted to find out the state of jobs and budgets these days. So I asked - and here's what you told me.

In the news:

Adobe announced updates for Premiere Pro and Audition. The big news is that Audition is now native for M1 Macs, along with several other useful features. However, Premiere was not ignored, as you will see. Here's what's new.

Denise Williams reminded me about a webinar featuring Houdini artist Fabian Nowak. This is part of a monthly webinar series sponsored by GridMarkets to showcase the benefits of Cloud rendering. This week, they feature Ryan O'Phelan, illustrating how to use Maya. Both webinars are free. 

Tom Coughlin is hosting his annual Digital Storage survey for the Media & Entertainment Industry. This is designed to determine the industry’s digital storage needs as we work to capture/create raw content, edit, post produce and distribute content. The survey also covers digital archiving, digital conversion and preservations. Our opinion matters - I recommend you share your opinions. 

Cool news! Pearson, the publisher of my book "Techniques of Visual Persuasion," has invited me to give a four-hour training session on using visual persuasion to improve presentations. This course is available from Safari Books Online (not the same as the web browser). The presentation starts at 10:00 AM PDT, May 27. NOTE: This requires an O'Reilly membership - a 10-day free trial is available. It promises to be interesting!

This week's webinar looks at Speed Changes in Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. There are lots of ways we can change the speed of a clip in both applications. However, each app by itself isn't enough to fill a webinar, so this gives you a great way to compare and contrast how each of them creates these effects. Two presentations at 9 AM and 12 PM. All my live presentations are free.

With the new releases from Adobe this week, I have a number of new tutorials that showcase some of them. First, a look at the new Loudness Meter, which works in both Audition and Premiere. Second, a detailed tutorials on adding text gradients in Premiere. Finally, an update to a tutorial from a couple of weeks ago, on how to trim where media clips start that are inserted into Motion Graphic templates in Premiere.

I enjoyed reading your responses to the survey. I'm thinking about what else we can discover together and hope to have a new survey next week. As we come out of this pandemic, it becomes more obvious than ever how visual storytellers make a difference in the world - for good and bad. 

These are tumultuous times. Let us use our power wisely. Stay safe, stay healthy and, most importantly, stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» Jobs & Budgets Survey (Survey Results)
» The results of last week's survey to learn how life has changed... or not.

» Adobe Updates Premiere Pro & Audition (News)
» The May, 2021, updates improves both apps. Here's what's new.

» Premiere Pro: New! Loudness Meter (Tutorial)
» The Loudness Meter displays average audio levels in a new way.

» Premiere Pro: New! Add Gradients to Text (Tutorial)
» An easier way to add gradient colors to text in Premiere.

» Premiere Quick Tip: Trim Your Motion Graphics Media (Tutorial)
» How to adjust where motion graphics video clips start.
Clip Speed Changes in Premiere & Final Cut
Two applications - one webinar. See how to create:

* Still / Freeze / Hold Frames
* Slow & Fast Motion
* Fit to fill edits
* Conforming high-frame rate clips
* Variable speed changes and transitions

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