May 18, 2020

This week, I have articles and videos for both  Final Cut Pro X and  Premiere . Plus, I'm asking for  your thoughts on how the independent media industry should restart in today's new world. More on that in a few paragraphs. First, the news.

Pond5  introduced new licensing. Starting May 12, everything sold on Pond5 - including Commercial and Editorial Video & Images, Music, Sound Effects, After Effects Templates, and 3D Models - is available with the broadest rights in the industry. Included in the list price, our Individual License provides worldwide distribution, across all media, forever. On top of that, you'll also get $15,000 in legal coverage free-of-charge for a completely worry-free experience.

Archiware , manufacturer of Archive and Backup software for the Media & Entertainment industry is now offering free licenses to support data security in production. The limited-time offer includes a free P5 Desktop LTO Edition license with three months of support and maintenance for media professionals and SMBs in the M&E industry.

Red Giant  announced the release of Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5, an upgrade to our set of tools for Visual Effects artists. VFX Suite is a set of tools aimed at solving some of the biggest challenges faced by visual effects artists today. VFX Suite 1.5 includes 10 plugins for keying, motion tracking, object replacement/removal and visual effects compositing - all right inside of After Effects. And if you need cool glows, distortions and lens flares - VFX Suite has tools for that too.

The folks at released a feature covering all the newest cameras announced or released by Sony, Panasonic, RED, Canon, and Blackmagic Design; along with several articles on 8K media. I still think 8K is way past overkill, but this series of articles is worth reading.

Turning to my news, I have six new articles and tutorials for you this week, including a guest article written by  Carleton Cole on scrolling text.  You'll find all my newest articles below. Also, if you are interested, you'll find all my past newsletters archived here:
Last week's webinar on Color Tools in Premiere was fun to present. You'll find excerpts on my website and the entire show in my store and the Video Training Library . I'm taking a break from webinars this week. Next week, I'll return with a session on  cool stuff that hasn't been announced yet, along with  HDR in Final Cut and  Premiere .

Finally, I need your help. As we start to figure out what "restarting the economy" actually means, I'm curious about your opinions on how we, as media creators, should restart in today's economy amid COVID-19?  Media is inherently collaborative, especially in production. How do we safely restart and what does that look like for the next few months? What changes? What should we do first? My hope is to publish a collection of your comments in the next week or two. Please email me your thoughts . I look forward to sharing them.

That's it for this week. Until next Monday,  stay safe, stay healthy and  edit well
» Create Scrolling Text in Final Cut Pro X ( Tutorial)
     » A guest tutorial written by Carleton Cole.

» Use Apple Motion to Create Effects for Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
   » Here's the complete workflow on how to create effects, titles & generators.

» How to Move Custom Motion Templates Between Systems (Tutorial)
    » This grew out of a reader's question and illustrates what you need to know.

» Premiere Pro: Adjust Grayscale Values to Improve Images (Video Tutorial)
   » This webinar excerpt provides the basics of grayscale adjustments

» Premiere Pro: How to Use Video Scopes to Evaluate Skin Tones (Video Tutorial)
   » Getting skin tones right is essential for any video. Here are the essential facts.

» Premiere Pro: Create Color Effects Using Masks (Video Tutorial)
    » A tutorial on using tracking and stationary masks for color effects.
Apple Final Cut Pro X:
Color Tools & Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro:
Color Tools & Effects
This session covers:
* Looks
* Video scopes
* Color tools
* Fixing problems
* Special tricks
* And answers to
   your questions.

Everything you need - all in one place.

This session covers:
* Video scopes
* Color tools
* Fixing problems
* Special tricks and 
* Plus, answers to
   your questions.

Everything you need - all in one place.

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»  Create & Edit  Vertical Video in FCP X

» Hidden Features in QuickTime Player

Premiere : Move Images & Controls

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