May 22, 2017

Storage technology and hardware are changing, a trend that accelerated at this year's NAB. This is why I'm looking forward to attending this week's Creative Storage conference. It gives me an opportunity to talk with some of the leading technology companies that are creating the storage gear we'll be using in the coming years.

From the shift toward object storage, increased hard disk capacity and decreasing prices for SSD systems, storage technology is rapidly evolving. The conference is this Wednesday and I'm looking forward to writing about what I learn there - you'll see a post here later this week.

And, thinking of storage, I have a product review of the new OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual RAID in my Articles section. Even if you aren't in the market for new storage, you'll find the interview I had with the OWC techs about trends in storage fascinating.

More than 300 people attended last week's webinar on working with stills in Final Cut Pro X. I've posted the webinar into our Video Training Library and our store, so if you weren't able to attend you can still access it. Lots of good comments on this session.

In this week's webinar, I'm covering multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X. From tips on shooting multicam to how to sync and build multicam clips to editing, this will be a fun session. Sign up here - and remember that all our live events are FREE.

Thinking of live events, I have two video highlights from last week's "Stills" webinar. One compares the Ken Burns effect with creating moves using keyframes. Each technique has benefits, but they aren't the same. This short video excerpt from the webinar showcases the differences. The other article shows how to create a 3D camera move on a still image by converting it into a layered Photoshop graphic. (I was struck, as I was presenting this, that I used to create this effect with multiple studio cameras back in the days of video tape. Now, the combination of Photoshop and Final Cut makes this a LOT easier.)

These are challenging times in our industry: increasing competition, decreasing budgets and accelerating technological obsolescence. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning. So, last week on the Digital Production Buzz, we talked with industry thought-leaders about what they saw as "Reasons for Hope" - extending my recent blog on this subject. Click here to listen. I REALLY liked this show.

All our guests were interesting, but, for the first time, we had the CEO of Avid - Louis Hernandez, Jr. - on the show talking about his book, "The Storyteller's Dilemma." It was a fascinating interview and I recommend you listen to it. His book is must reading. These are turbulent times - and it will take all of us to steer ourselves out of it.

The warmth of summer has returned to LA, the flowers are still out and it is a beautiful time of year. I'm taking the evening off and heading out for a walk. Chat with you next week. In the meantime, edit well. 

Last Week On The Buzz!

Our industry - and ourselves - are struggling. From competition to budgets to technology, its easy to get depressed. This week, we look at "Reasons for Hope."

   * Louis Hernandez, Jr.
   * Paul Babb
   * Carey Dissmore
   * George Hall
   * Norman Hollyn
   * James DeRuvo

shared reasons for hope in visual effects. Louis shared themes from his book "The Storyteller's Dilemma," Carey looked at post-production trends, George had tips on getting noticed and Norman had advice on education. And, as always, James had the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
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Last Week: Working With Stills in Final Cut Pro X
Last week covered working with stills. The key isn't in the editing, its in how they are prepped and organized.

This covers:

* Image basics for video
* Repair images in Photoshop
* Organize files in the Finder
* Import images into Final Cut
* Use keywords to organize and find
* Ken Burns and keyframes moves
* 3D moves using multilayer graphics

Download your copy of this webinar from our store - or - become a member of our Video Training Library and watch everything we've got!

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This Week: Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X
This week, we look at shooting and editing multicam projects in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

We'll cover:

* Multicam shooting tips
* Media import and create proxies
* Build, sync & modify a multicam
* Edit multicam clips
* Integrate double-system sound
* Effects and multicam clips
* Special multicam clip uses

Date: Wednesday, May 24.

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