NEWS - May 24, 2021
Today's issue is all about speed, and speed effects, in both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. In fact, my lead story is an effect that - for all the years I've been writing about Final Cut - I never discovered until today. It totally surprised me! (And you'll probably say: "Pshaw, I've known about this trick for years....)

You'll find seven new tutorials for both Premiere and Final Cut in the Tutorials & Reviews section below.

Turning to the news:

ACD Systems International launched its latest version of its free Luxea Video Editor, which provides users with more tools to produce the best video possible. New features include: Timeline markers, Color LUT opacity, real-time MP4 generation, single input (audio or video) recording, and targeted screen recording. ACD offers versions that are free, paid and subscription.

Autoscript announced "Voice," a teleprompter system that uses revolutionary advanced speech recognition technology to free presenters and production staff from their scroll control devices. As the presenter speaks, the prompter keeps up, even through pauses and ad libs.

The NAB Show announced registration is now open for the 2021 show. This marks a return to the in-person Las Vegas conference after a year of forced virtual events and is scheduled to take place in less than five months, from Oct. 9-13.

Veed announced an innovative technology from that helps clean your audio or video files from background noise. It works on Windows or Mac computers, with no software download or plugin required; and it’s FREE!

Cool news! Pearson, the publisher of my book "Techniques of Visual Persuasion," has invited me to give a four-hour training session on using visual persuasion to improve presentations. This course is available from Safari Books Online (not the same as the web browser). The presentation starts at 10:00 AM PDT, May 27. NOTE: This requires an O'Reilly membership - BUT a 10-day free trial is available. It promises to be interesting! Sign up for a free trial and join us!!

Last week's webinar: "Clip Speed Changes in Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro," covered constant and variable speed changes, still frames, speed effects and more. What I did was take the live presentation and split it in half - Webinar 314 covers Adobe, while Webinar 315 covers Apple. Even better, I cut the price in half for each presentation - pick the one you want and save money!

No webinar this week as I prep for this week's Safari Online training. NEXT week, though, my webinar looks at "Image Editing and Repair using Adobe Photoshop." So many of our projects require stills - either old or new - that it's worthwhile taking time to learn how to use Photoshop to make our stills look great. As always, registration for my live events is free.

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I found myself this last week looking at different ways to change the speed of a clip. I have multiple tutorials covering fit-to-fill edits and extreme slow motion in Premiere, fit-to-fill edits and visual effects in Final Cut - all in the Tutorials & Review section below. 

Here in California we are quickly coming out of the pandemic, a situation that is happily occurring elsewhere in the US; though certainly not throughout the world. It is easy to pretend this pandemic never happened and try to go back to the "way things used to be." That's a mistake - we can't go back. We can only go forward - and discover what the latest version of "real-life" is going to look like. It won't be the same - hopefully, it will be better.

Stay safe, stay healthy and, especially, stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» Vary the Speed of Video Playback in Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» Several different ways to create variable speed changes in Final Cut.

» Create a Fit-to-Fill Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro (Tutorial)
  » This special edit is extremely useful in music videos.

» Create a Fit-to-Fill Edit in Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
  » A step-by-step guide to a very useful technique.

» Final Cut Pro: Create Visual Speed Change Effects (Video Tutorial)
 » Two cool tricks to make projects sparkle, including Instant Replay.

» Final Cut Pro: Create a Fit-to-Fill Edit (Video Tutorial)
 » For those that want to learn this via a visual demo.

» Premiere: Create a Fit-to-Fill Edit (Video Tutorial)
 » For those that want to see this as a visual demo.

» Premiere: Create Extreme Slow Motion (Video Tutorial)
 » Here's how to convert high-frame-rate media into high-quality slow motion.
Image Editing & Repair in Adobe Photoshop
* File handling and saving
* Cropping, resizing & content-aware scaling
* Traditional repair tools
* Content-aware repair tools
* Masks and adjusting color

Everything you need - all in one place!
Clip Speed Changes in Premiere & Final Cut

* Still / Freeze / Hold Frames
* Slow & Fast Motion
* Fit to fill edits
* Conforming high-frame rate clips
* Variable speed changes and transitions

Everything you need - all in one place!
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