May 25, 2020

Lots of news this week, including five new articles. Let's start with the news.

Adobe updated all their audio and video applications last week. Here are the details.

Lesspain Software updated Kyno. Version 1.8 adds support for DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic RAW and workflow improvements for transcoding and metadata transfer and faster support for multi-core CPUs. They've also completely revised their "Get Started" tutorial videos.

Cinedeck is offering a free 3-month license to all options of cineXtools, as well as cineXplugins, the new cineXmeta and all the new features including Remote Insert and H.264 insert edit support. Their promo is also open to all previous trial users.

Mark Anthony, of, recently published an article on LED Color Temperature, including an Infographic, that you may find interesting. It's a good description of color temperature for folks that are not color experts. It's a fun read.

Adam Cole told me about Sync Sketch. This is a tool that was created to help Animation tutors review student work but has since evolved into the media review tool of choice for a number animation, post-production, VFX and games studios. I found their video demo to be very interesting.

This week, in addition to my article on Adobe's latest features, I have four more new articles, all of which were suggested by readers. These include how to create scrolling text in Final Cut, how to create an HEVC movie with transparency, M/S stereo audio support in Audition and ProRes RAW in Final Cut. 

I have a new webinar this week: Working with HDR Media in Final Cut Pro X. Editing HDR is the same as any other media. The differences arise in the color grade. Well, and the monitoring. And LUTs. OK, so there's lots to talk about. Join me this Wednesday, May 27, at 9 AM or 12 PM to learn more. Registration is FREE

In addition, I want to encourage you to sign up for our free, weekly Tip Letters. We are now publishing six subjects each week: Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Premiere Pro, Codecs & Media, Visual Effects and Random Weirdness, which covers production. Each newsletter has three quick tips you can put to use immediately. I have fun writing them and look forward to sharing this with you each week.

Life is starting to reopen, though "back to normal" is still seems a long ways away. I'm working on an article looking at how independent media folks plan to restart after the lockdowns. I'm interested in your thoughts. How should we restart? How will things change? What do you see as the future? Email me your thoughts.

It's a strange time when we feel nervous just going outside during the summer. For those in the US, today is Memorial Day. More than ever, we have many people to remember. Stay safe, stay healthy and, until next week,   edit well
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   your questions.

Everything you need - all in one place.

HDR is the same as regular media - until the color grade.
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* Different versions
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* HDR monitors
* Color-grade HDR

Everything you need - all in one place.

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