NEWS - May 31, 2021
I was thinking a lot about Photoshop and Final Cut Pro this past week. In fact, my lead story looks at how to set and modify project properties in Final Cut, while Photoshop is the focus of this week's webinar.

In the news:

Atomos announced a new, larger, camera monitor: the Shinobi 7. Featuring a larger, brighter display, with a variety of cross-connects, this monitor is designed for inside or outside work by directors, focus-pullers, or as a talent monitor for video bloggers. 

Accusonus released Voice Changer. This plugin runs on most popular NLEs and audio workstations, and creates voice effects for sound design from robots to dragons. It is fast, easy-to-use and highly flexible. It runs on Macs and Windows, and a free trial is available. Here's my "First Look."

Western Digital, at its Flash Perspective event last week, unveiled the new SanDisk Professional brand of premium storage solutions for content creators and professionals. The powerful SanDisk Professional portfolio is designed to deliver scalable, high-performance, reliable solutions across industries globally.

I'm honored to be asked to speak at the upcoming Future of Marketing Summit. This one-day, online event provides marketing insights from leading universities and businesses around the world. The speaker list is truly impressive and they are offering an early-bird discount. The link below is a summary of who's speaking.

TV Technology has an interesting, in-depth article on the rapidly changing nature of TV news sets. While this has a broadcast focus, the exploding use of VR and green-screen offers opportunities for all of us.

For those who need more geek for their daily fix, ReThink TV has a fascinating report on next generation codecs and streaming technology. H.264 rules the roost right now, while HEVC is struggling. What comes after? At this moment, it looks like LCEVC - and if you don't know what that is, now's a good time to learn. Here's a link to the executive summary.

Finally, Apple announced the 2021 edition of the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC), starting June 7. Even if you aren't a developer, the keynote sets Apple's direction for the next year for both operating systems and hardware. Mark your calendar for: 10 AM PDT, June 7, to learn Apple's plan for the future. 

This week's webinar looks at Image Editing and Repair Using Adobe Photoshop. Still images are an essential part of many video projects. In this webinar, I'll show you how to use Photoshop to make them look better. And, no, you don't need to be an artist to use Photoshop - I'm certainly not. All you need is a desire to improve an existing image - I'll show you how. As with all my live webinars, registration is free.

I have two Final Cut tutorials this week, both based on questions from readers. While I cover these in my video training, I discovered that I've never written about them. The first looks at how to set and modify Library Properties (Apple's word for "settings."). The second shows how to set and modify Project Properties. Links to both are in the Tutorials & Review section below.

Today is Memorial Day in the US - a federal holiday honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties while serving in the US Armed Forces. As polarized and challenged as our world is right now, it is important to realize that some ideals are still worth fighting for. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and most of all stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» Set or Change Library Properties in Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» Library Properties determine fundamental media handling.

» Set or Change Project Properties in Final Cut Pro (Tutorial)
» Project Properties determine the technical specs of your project.

» Atomos Announces the Shinobi 7 Camera Monitor (News)
» Bigger, brighter, more flexible and designed for daylight.

» First Look: Accusonus' Voice Changer Plug-in (Product Review)
» Brand-new. Creates fascinating voice effects for sound design.
Image Editing & Repair in Adobe Photoshop
* File handling and saving
* Cropping, resizing & content-aware scaling
* Traditional repair tools
* Content-aware repair tools
* Masks and adjusting color

Everything you need - all in one place!
Clip Speed Changes in Premiere & Final Cut

* Still / Freeze / Hold Frames
* Slow & Fast Motion
* Fit to fill edits
* Conforming high-frame rate clips
* Variable speed changes and transitions

Everything you need - all in one place!
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